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  1. Hi Admin Sir./ Ma’am

    I am looking for a track name in the POWER 2 Series Episode 04 “You’re the Only Person I Can Trust” s02e04.
    Arround 22:44 where the scene start with Jamie hanging up the phone looking all the bank notes
    there is a song starting with the lyric something like
    “Put Them In THe A-A – Put THem In The Air? – Cash Fools everything – everyting Cahs fools?”
    For as much i could make up out it(im sorr, I’m dutch),
    but i can t find this song nowhere, i tryed Sound hound / shazam / you tube / spotify / lyric search
    an now here i hoped to find it in you list

    why is it missing in your list and would you know what song this would be?
    thank you for helping if you can
    kand regard Eric

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