Little Inferno Soundtrack
Songs from the game Little Inferno Soundtrack
Music by Kyle Gabler

01 – Little Inferno Titles
02 – Miss Nancy Welcomes You
03 – Your New Friend Sugar Plumps
04 – Reporting From the Weather Balloon
05 – Just Like You
06 – 8 Bit Inferno
07 – Something to Tell You
08 – Inferno Beta
09 – Cardboard Sword
10 – Up Up Up the Chimney
11 – Incident on the Other Side of the Wall
12 – Transhumanist Connects
13 – Ooo It’s so Bright!
14 – The City
15 – Gate Operator, Open the Gates!
16 – Productivity Tango
17 – Miss Nancy Remembers
18 – The City Limits
19 – Breaking Weather Report
20 – Over the Smokestacks, Over the City
21 – Little Inferno Just For Me
22 – Tomorrow Corporation, the Future is Tomorrow!

Listen the Little Iferno Soundtrack:

Little Inferno is a 2012 video game developed by independent game developer Tomorrow Corporation. The game was released as a downloadable game for the Wii U and Windows platforms, with OS X and Linux versions planned for future release.


Little Inferno’s sandbox gameplay focuses on incinerating various objects, such as toys, in a fireplace. On the Wii U version, the game can be controlled either using a Wii Remote or with the Wii U GamePad. On PC the players controls the game using a mouse.


Little Inferno was developed by Tomorrow Corporation, an independent game developer consisting of three people: Kyle Gray, Kyle Gabler, and Allan Blomquist. Gray previously worked on Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, while Gabler and Blomquist worked on World of Goo.

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Little Inferno Sountrack List


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