Back To The Future Soundtrack List

The Power Of Love – Huey Lewis & The News
Back In Time – Huey Lewis & The News
Back To The Future – The Outatime Orchestra
Heaven Is One Step Away – Eric Clapton
Time Bomb Town – Lindsey Buckingham
Mr. Sandman – The Four Aces
The Ballad Of Davy Crockett – Fess Parker
The Wallflower (Dance With Me Henry) – Etta James
Night Train – Marvin Berry And The Starlighters
Pledging My Love – Johnny Ace
Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) – Marvin Berry And The Starlighters
Johnny B. Goode – Marty Mcfly With The Starlighters

Contemporary high schooler Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) doesn’t have the most pleasant of lives. Browbeaten by his principal at school, Marty must also endure the acrimonious relationship between his nerdy father (Crispin Glover) and his lovely mother (Lea Thompson), who in turn suffer the bullying of middle-aged jerk Biff (Thomas F. Wilson), Marty’s dad’s supervisor. The one balm in Marty’s life is his friendship with eccentric scientist Doc (Christopher Lloyd), who at present is working on a time machine. Accidentally zapped back into the 1950s, Marty inadvertently interferes with the budding romance of his now-teenaged parents. Our hero must now reunite his parents-to-be, lest he cease to exist in the 1980s. It won’t be easy, especially with the loutish Biff, now also a teenager, complicating matters. Beyond its dazzling special effects, the best element of Back to the Future is the performance of Michael J. Fox, who finds himself in the quagmire of surviving the white-bread 1950s with a hip 1980s mindset. Back to the Future cemented the box-office bankability of both Fox and the film’s director, Robert Zemeckis, who went on to helm two equally exhilarating sequels.
Cast: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Crispin Glover, Lea Thompson, Thomas F. Wilson

Back To The Future Soundtrack List

Songs list from the movie Back To The Future Soundtrack

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