Chef Soundtrack List

I Like It Like That – Pete Rodriguez
Lucky Man – Courtney John
A Message To You Rudy – Grant Phabao, The Lone Ranger and Carlton Livingston
Cavern – Liquid Liquid
C.R.E.A.M – El Michels Affair
Hung Over – The Martinis
Que Se Sepa – Roberto Roena
Ali Baba – Louie Ramirez
Homenaje Al Beny (Castellano Que Bueno Baila Usted) – Gente de Zona
Mi Swing Es Tropical – Quantic & Nickodemus feat. Tempo & The Candela Allstars
Bustin’ Loose – Rebirth Brass Band
Sexual Healing – The Hot 8 Brass Band
When My Train Pulls In (Live in Austin) – Gary Clark Jr.
West Coast Poplock – Ronnie Hudson And The Street People
Oye Como Va (Live at el Jefe) – Perico Hernandez
La Quimbumbia (Live at el Jefe) – Perico Hernandez
One Second Every Day – Lyle Workman

Plot: Miami-born workaholic Chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) finally has his chance to prove himself again, when a prestigious blogger comes to dine in his restaurant. Working his creative side and dabbling in a new Tasting Menu, the owner ( Dustin Hoffman) intervenes and gives the ultimatum to serve the old classics in the menu. In fury of serving unpassiomate old food he walks away from the restaurant in Los Angeles. Trying to establish a relationship with his son in a trip with his ex wife (Sofia Vergara) he reluctantly returns to Miami. Meeting with his ex wife’s ex husband Marvin (Robert Downey Jr.) offers him a food truck, in which Chef Carl accepts. In an effort to rediscover his culinary passion he ends up fixing up the food truck he names El Jefe, which serves Cubanos, a form of Cuban sandwich. Joining him as a cook is is recently promoted Sous Chef from his old restaurant. They work with Chef Carl’s son and plans to drive the food truck across the country back to L.A. on the trip back his son so involved in social media finds ways to promote the food truck via Twitter and Facebook, creating the truck immediate success. Finally ending up in LA and his relationship with his son coming together he offers to have him work on the truck after school and on weekends. His wife soon joins the team and the infamous blogger visits a Chef Carl again, this time offering him an opportunity to bank roll a new restaurant based off of the concept of El Jefe. The film cuts to the new restaurant 6 months later busy and closed for a private event. The event is Chef Carl and his ex wife remarried and having their reception at El Jefe.
Co-starring Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sofía Vergara, Dustin Hoffman, John Leguizamo, and Bobby Cannavale

Chef Soundtrack

Songs list from the movie Chef Soundtrack

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