Cocktail Soundtrack

All Shook Up – Ry Cooder
Tutti-Frutti – Little Richard
That Hypnotizing Boogie – David Wilcox
Addicted To Love – Robert Palmer
Kokomo – The Beach Boys
Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin
Shelter Of Your Love – Jimmy Cliff
Hippy Hippy Shake – The Georgia Satellites
Powerful Stuff – The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Wild Again – Starship
Original Sin (Jumpin’ In) – Think Out Loud
This Magic Moment – Leroy Gibbons
Oh, I Love You So – Preston Smith
Since When – Robbie Nevil
Rave On – John Mellencamp
Essential Sensual – Wayne Roland Brown
When Will I Be Loved – The Everly Brothers
Inside Job – Michael Lanning and Rick Bell
Chantilly Lace – J.P. Richardson

Synopsis: Tom Cruise juggles Martini shakers and ice cubes as the materialistic Brian Flanagan, a bartender who drops out of school to search for the perfect “rich chick” who will bankroll him into luxury. Brian meets up with bar veteran Doug Couglin (Bryan Brown) and they put together a dance-duo bar-tending act, taking five minutes to a mix a drink as they dance and toss gin bottles behind the bar to cutting-edge rock music circa 1988. The patrons, instead of demanding the booze, are dazzled by their antics and cheer them on. As a result, the bartenders become wildly popular — in particular, Brian, who finds the bar babes falling all over each other to hop into the sack with him. As a result of their bar-tending success, they get hired to tend bar at a swanky disco, but there Brian and Doug have a falling out, and Brian takes off for Jamaica. There he meets vacationing New York City waitress Jordan Mooney (Elisabeth Shue) and the two fall in love. But then Brian meets rich New York fashion executive Bonnie (Lisa Banes) who wants to take Brian back to Manhattan with her to become her drink-mixing stud. When Jordan sees this, the love affair is put on hold. But not for long, as pangs of consciousness begin to filter through Brian’s drunken haze. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi
Cast: Tom Cruise – Brian Flanagan, Bryan Brown – Doug Coughlin, Elisabeth Shue – Jordan Mooney, Lisa Banes – Bonnie, Laurence Luckinbill – Mr. Mooney, Kelly Lynch – Kerry Coughlin, Gina Gershon – Coral

Cocktail (1988) Soundtrack List

Cocktail Soundtrack List

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