Date And Switch Soundtrack List

Dang Diggy Dang – The Beatards
8 year old Michael and Matty run off stage. Title song.
Bang Pop – Free Energy
After Michael’s breakup with Ava.
Take Ya’ Dancing – Say Hi
After finding out Matty is gay, Michael gets back home.
Give Me The Go – IamOMNI
At highschool. After Michael offers his support for Matty being gay, they walk down the hallway.
Shiny Diamonds – Say Hi
After partying at Monsoon, Matty goes over to Anna’s and they talk and sleep together.
Danca Do Zumbi – Bonde Do Role
Matty and Greg are at a wrestling match. Oponent fighters enter the ring.
Bondallica – Bonde Do Role
At the wrestling match, El Cientifico Loco beats Super Gato.
Thank You For Being A Friend – Simon Steadman, Charlton Pettus and Nicholas Braun
Matty, Michael and the band play this song at their garrage rehersal for the high school prom audition. The Golden Girls theme song.
Summer Days – Dave Depper
Michael and Em in her car. He’s about to kiss her, when he sees Maty and Greg.
Hero For Your Heart – Simon Steadman and Charlton Pettus
Lars’s band auditions for the prom with this song. Second time, they play it at the prom.
Ain’t Gonna Stop – Natural Child
Matty and Michael go carting.
Bone Dry – AB and the Sea
After an argument with Em over her sleeping with Matty after he had come out, Michael is home, punching the brownie.
Lover’s Game – Geographer
After being scolded by Em for outing Matty to his parents, Michael is sad and lonely.
Time Of Your Life – Belle Johnson
Matty and Em at the prom.
Walk – Chaptabois
Michael and Greg enter the prom.
Black Rock – Tiger
Matty and Michael on their way and at Monsoon, a gay club.
Caterpillar Song – Charlton Pettus and Quinn Lord
Really Wanna Know – Holland Notes
Oh False One You Have Deceiv’d Me – Scott Steadman
I Dream of Jeannie – Simon Steadman
Worldwide – The Beatards
Your Body On Me – Kids At The Ba
Ivory Coast – Pure Bathing Culture
Never Fade – Chaptabois
Caterpillar Song – Simon Steadman and Nicholas Braun
Ladybug – Cody B Ware

High school seniors Michael and Matty have been best friends since 3rd grade. Still virgins, they make a pact to help each other “score” before Senior Prom – but their mission suddenly takes an unexpected turn when Matty announces that he’s gay.
Cast: Nicholas Braun as Michael, Matty’s “straight friend who goes to great lengths to find him a boyfriend”
Hunter Cope as Matty, Michael’s gay best friend
Dakota Johnson as Em, Matty’s supportive ex-girlfriend
Nick Offerman as Terry, Michael’s supportive father
Gary Cole as Dwayne, Matty’s conservative father
Megan Mullally as Patricia, Matty’s mother
Sarah Hyland as Ava, Michael’s girlfriend
Brian Geraghty as Lars, Matty’s older brother
Zach Cregger as Greg

Date and Switch Soundtrack List

Songs list from the movie Date And Switch Soundtrack

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