Deadfall Soundtrack
Songs from the movie Deadfall Soundtrack
Music by Marco Beltrami

1. Addison Reflete
2. Parentes
3. Jay foge
4. Roadblock
5. Cabine
6. Amor Fraterno
7. Conexão francês canadense
8. Unreal EM&Cobertura T
9. Dar Graças
10. Deadbird

Siblings-in-crime Addison and Liza are on the run after a casino heist. When a car accident leaves their driver and a state trooper dead, they split up and make a run for the Canadian border in near whiteout blizzard conditions. While Addison heads cross-country, Liza catches a ride with ex-boxer Jay who is heading home to celebrate Thanksgiving with his parents, June and retired sheriff Chet. It is there that the siblings are reunited in a terse showdown.
Cast: Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, Kris Kristofferson, Sissy Spacek, Charlie Hunnam

Deadfall Soundtrack List


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