Drive Soundtrack

Tick of the Clock – The Chromatics
First song as ‘Driver’ gets the car and waits for the robbers. Continues during the chase/escape.
Nightcall – Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx
Song during opening credits after the Driver (Ryan Gosling) walks out of the stadium after job.
Rubber Head – Cliff Martinez
Driver puts on the rubber head before his stunt.
I Drive – Cliff Martinez
Driver talks to Irene after he helps her up with the groceries.
A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth) – College
Driver asks Irene if she wants to see something. He drives them through the water passage ways.
He Had a Good Time – Cliff Martinez
Irene tells Ryan Gosling he had a good time. They stare at each other and go driving together, she holds his hand.
They Broke His Pelvis – Cliff Martinez
Bernie talks to ‘Driver’ in the garage.
Under Your Spell – Desire
After Irene’s husband returns from prison. Ryan sits in his apartment working on a car part. Meanwhile Standard makes a toast next door.
Kick Your Teeth – Cliff Martinez
At the diner after Ryan Gosling tells the man to shut his mouth.
Hand Covers Bruise – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
The Driver (Gosling) meets Irene at her diner. He asks about Bernice and about how Standard got beat up.
Intriguing Possibilities – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
The Driver offers his help to Standard. They meet up with Cook and they organise the job.
See You in Four – Cliff Martinez
Standard robs the store while Gosling waits the car out front.
After The Chase – Cliff Martinez
After the chase, Gosling interrogates Blanche.
Hammer – Cliff Martinez
Gosling attacks Cook in the strippers room with a hammer. He wants to know who’s money he has.
Wrong Floor – Cliff Martinez
Gosling kisses Irene in the elevator right before he kicks the man’s head in.
Skull Crushing – Cliff Martinez
After he kicks the man’s skull in in the elevator. Irene walks out of the lift and the doors close.
Every Night – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
Gosling tells Shannon to get out of here and never come back. Continues as Bernie and Nino argue about the job in the diner.
Oh My Love (feat. Katyna Ranieri) – Riz Ortolani
Driver (Gosling) finds Shannon dead in the garage. He drives to Nino’s diner and follows his car before knocking it off the road.
On the Beach – Cliff Martinez
Score music as Driver kills Nino on the beach.
Bride of Deluxe – Cliff Martinez
During the meeting at the end between the Driver and Bernie. Driver (Gosling) kills Bernie in the parking lot before he drives away.
A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth) – College
Driver (Gosling) drives away in the car after being stabbed. He drives off into the night as Irene knocks on his door. First song during end credits.
Where’s the Deluxe Version? – Cliff Martinez
My Name On a Car – Cliff Martinez

A lone-wolf Hollywood stunt driver (Ryan Gosling) moonlights as a freelance getaway wheelman, and he finds his solitary existence taking on new meaning after befriending Irene (Carey Mulligan), the lonely wife of convicted felon Standard (Oscar Isaac), and her young son Benicio (Kaden Leos). When Standard gets released from prison and is strong-armed into committing a bold daytime robbery, the Driver offers his services in an effort to help the repentant ex-con cut his ties to the criminal underworld. Things get complicated, however, when the robbery goes unexpectedly awry, and the Driver just barely manages to escape alive. When the take from the job proves to be stratospherically higher than the Driver was led to believe, it quickly becomes apparent that they were set up. Later, thugs threaten to kill Irene and Benicio, and all evidence points to transplanted New York crime boss Bernie Rose (Albert Brooks) and his hot-headed partner Nino (Ron Perlman) as the masterminds. As the Driver attempts to turn the tables on them, it becomes clear that the chain of command goes much higher than he could have ever anticipated. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
Cast: Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston, Albert Brooks, Oscar Isaac, Christina Hendricks, Ron Perlman

Drive Soundtrack List

Songs from the movie Drive Soundtrack

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