Escape from Planet Earth Soundtrack
Songs from the movie Escape from Planet Earth Soundtrack

Shine Supernova – Cody Simpson
Shooting Star – Owl City
What Matters Most – Delta Rae
Watch Your Back – Zeazy Z
Dollaz (Gotta Get It) (Bad Ass Remix) – The Fresh Force Four
Bom Bom – Sam and the Womp
George Valentin – Ludovic Bource
Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) – The Ready Set
Bamboo Tea House – Klaus Badelt, Andrew Raiher, Ian Honeyman, Christopher Carmichael
Bridal Chorus Organ Version – Andrew Patrick Oye (by Richard Wagner)

Escape from Planet Earth (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music by Aaron Zigman
1. Escape from Planet Earth Overture (4:58)
2. Family Theme / Gary & Kira Save Kip (4:06)
3. The Peace Shield (2:52)
4. Tornado / Shanker Battles the Aliens (6:37)
5. Evil Lena’s Theme / Dark Planet Press Conference (1:18)
6. Kira & Evil Lina / Gary Goes To Save Scorch (3:58)
7. Kira & Kip Caught / Evil Lena (1:30)
8. Scorch – Family Theme (2:33)
9. Step Away from the Bluebonium (3:07)
10. The Gnalarch Mission (2:26)
11. Scorch Returns to Planet Baab (1:57)
12. Scorch Me Baby (2:49)
13. Shanker Targets Planet Baab / Gary and Aliens Escape (5:09)
14. Fire Up the Ship (1:17)
15. Dark Planet Info (1:48)
16. Gary Captured / Area 51 (4:06)
17. General & Evil Lena / Kip Saves Kira (4:16)
18. Scorch Goes to the Dark Planet (4:49)
19. Freezing Gun Fight (3:05)
20. Aliens Save the Day (1:59)
21. Gary’s Cell (2:13)
22. Lets Go Home (2:36)
23. Main Title (0:53)
24. Escape from Planet Earth Variation (3:55)

On the planet Baab, dashing astronaut Scorch Supernova (Brendan Fraser) is a national hero and master of daring rescues. However, Scorch does not work alone; his nerdy brother, Gary (Rob Corddry), head of mission control at BASA, often lends quiet, behind-the-scenes support. When a distress signal arrives from a dangerous planet, Scorch ignores Gary’s warnings and sets out on a rescue mission. Scorch soon finds himself caught in a trap set by an evil enemy, and it’s up to Gary to save him.
Cast: Brendan Fraser, Rob Corddry, Ricky Gervais, Jonathan Morgan Heit, Jessica Alba, Sofía Vergara, Sarah Jessica Parker
Director: Cal Brunker

Escape from Planet Earth Soundtrack List


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