Evil Dead Soundtrack List

Baby, Little Baby – Jane Levy and Shiloh Fernandez

Evil Dead Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Composer: Roque Banos
1. I’ll Rip Your Soul Out
2. Sad Memories
3. Don’t Say It, Don’t Write It, Don’t Hear It
4. Demon Possession (Extended)
5. Get Me Out Of Here
6. She Tried To Kill Me
7. He Won’t Let You Out
8. Bloody Kiss
9. Three Ways Of Saving Her Soul
10. Natalie Hunting
11. I’ll Do What I Gotta Do (Extended)
12. Come Back To Me
13. He’s Coming
14. Abominations Rising
15. The Pendant / Evil Tango
16. The Evil Dead Main Theme
17. Come Back To Me (Alternate)

Synopsis: A trip into the woods turns into a terrifying battle against the forces of evil in this remake of Sam Raimi’s ferocious 1981 horror classic. Mia (Jane Levy) is a heroin addict whose most recent overdose was nearly her last. Recognizing that she won’t survive another, Mia’s longtime friends Olivia (Jessica Lucas) and Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) take the troubled girl to her family’s old cabin in the woods to quit cold turkey. It isn’t their first attempt, but this time they’re hoping that with Mia’s brother David (Shiloh Fernandez) around, she’ll have the support she needs to weather the coming storm. The moment David arrives at the cabin with his girlfriend Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore), strange things start to happen; Mia complains about a foul smell that none of her friends can sense, and upon descending into the fruit cellar David and Eric discover what appears to be the scene of a dark ritual. Scattered amongst the animal corpses and mysterious artifacts is an old book that’s been sealed shut with heavy-duty plastic and barbed wire. Intrigued, Eric manages to cut the book free and makes a disturbing discovery — the book has been bound in human flesh, and it comes with an incantation that will unleash a powerful force of evil. Ignoring the warnings not to speak or even hear the incantation, Eric reads the words aloud, sealing his own dark fate, as well as those of his closest friends. One by one they will be possessed until no soul has been left unclaimed. The lucky ones will die first, their souls condemned to suffer as their bodies are twisted into an obscene aberration of flesh. Will the last person standing have the courage to send these sadistic demons back to hell, even if it means killing their friends and loved ones in the worst way imaginable, or will the forces unleashed by this unholy book prove too powerful for any one mortal to defeat? ~ Rovi
Cast: Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas, Liz Blackmore
Director: Fede Alvarez

Evil Dead Soundtrack List

Songs list from the movie Evil Dead Soundtrack

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