First Daughter Soundtrack
Songs from the movie First Daughter Soundtrack

Make a Wish – David Elliott
Hail to the Chief – U.C.L.A. Marching Band
Thought I’d Seen It All – Damon Elliott
Knights – U.C.L.A. Marching Band
Dance with Me – Melissa Jimenez
Hail to the Chief – Smack, Grecco Buratto, Ed Delmark and Bryan Kelling
Fall – Joanna
Free – Lucy Woodward
Off My Chest – Whitey and Dina Rae
Sway – Matt Dusk
The Way You Look Tonight – Matt Dusk
Ballroom Bossa – Margeaux Fernandez and Damon Elliott
You ‘n Mego – Macy Gray
Oooops – Alsou
Whatever – Buttah and Kristina Allison
Sea of Dreams – Joanna
The Way You Look Tonight – The Inaugural Ball Choir
Dance My Dreams (Theme Song from First Daughter) – Tamia

Synopsis: A very special student deals with exams, first love, and national security issues in this teen-oriented romantic comedy-drama. Samantha MacKenzie (Katie Holmes) is a seemingly ordinary college freshman with one important exception — her father happens to be the President of the United States (Michael Keaton). Samantha, however, would prefer to be as inconspicuous as possible as she begins her studies at Redmond University, so she asks a favor of her father — remove the two Secret Service agents who follow her everywhere, and allow her to fend for herself at school. The president agrees, but out of concern for her safety, he sends in a young undercover agent, James (Marc Blucas), who will pose as the Resident Advisor at her dorm to keep an eye on her. Samantha and James strike up a fast friendship that grows into a romance, but when Samantha discovers the truth about James, she wonders if his love for her is real or just part of his cover. First Daughter was directed by actor-turned-director Forest Whitaker. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
Cast: Katie Holmes, Marc Blucas, Amerie, Margaret Colin, Lela Rochon, Michael Keaton
Director: Forest Whitaker

First Daughter Soundtrack List


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