Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters Soundtrack List

Music by Atli Orvarsson
The Witch Hunters
Business Is Good
Trolls Serve Witches
Lost Children Crying, Vol. 2
You Do the Bleeding
There Are Good Witches in the World
This Place Could Use a Bit of Color
Goodbye Muriel
Don’t Eat the Candy
Burn ‘Em All
White Magic
Shoot Anything That Moves
The Fairy Tale
Augsburg Burns (Digital Bonus Track)

Fifteen years after Hansel (Jeremy Renner) and Gretel (Gemma Arterton) defeated the wicked witch who planned to have them for her dinner, the siblings have come of age as skilled bounty hunters. Hell-bent on retribution, they have dedicated their lives to hunting down and destroying every witch still lurking in the dark forests of their homeland. As the notorious blood moon approaches, the siblings face a great evil — one that could hold the secret to their terrifying past.
Cast: Jeremy Renner, Gemma Arterton, Famke Janssen, Peter Stormare
Director: Tommy Wirkola

Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters Soundtrack List

Songs list from the movie Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters Soundtrack

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