Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry Soundtrack

Songs from the movie:

Don’t Stop Me Now (2011 Remaster) – Queen
Let Me Down Easy – The Stranglers
My Girl – The Temptations
Down By the Water – The Drums
This is Fuckin’ War, Baby Interlude [Explicit] – Cocaine Jimmy
Strychnine – The Sonics
16 – Dasha Charusha
My Woman – Biting Elbows
100,000 Baseball Bats Interlude – Akan
Für Hildegard von Bingen – Devendra Banhart
Under My Skin – Sharlto Copley
Dustbus – Biting Elbows
Na Zare – Alyans
It’s Bloody Nice Having a Friend Interlude – Colonel Jimmy
Hard as Nails – Peter Wolf Crier
Caustic – Macro/micro
Won’t You Come Over – Devendra Banhart
You Little Pussy Interlude – Henry’s Father
For the Kill – Biting Elbows

Hardcore Henry is a first person action film in which the audience sees everything through the eyes of Henry, a man resurrected from the brink of death as a cybernetic supersoldier who remembers nothing about his past. He is trying to save his wife Estelle, who has been kidnapped by Akan, a powerful warlord with a plan for bio-engineering soldiers. In the unfamiliar city of Moscow, Henry tries to avoid being killed while discovering the truth behind his identity.
Sharlto Copley as Jimmy, Danila Kozlovsky as Akan, Haley Bennett as Estelle, Tim Roth
Hardcore Henry Soundtrack List

Songs list from the movie Hardcore Henry Soundtrack

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