It Could Happen To You Soundtrack List

Young at Heart – Frank Sinatra
They Can’t Take That Away from Me – Billie Holiday
Round of Blues – Shawn Colvin
I Feel Lucky – Mary Chapin Carpenter
You Must Believe Me – The Impressions
Come See About Me – The Supremes
Swingdown, Swingtown – Wynton Marsalis
New York, New York – John Kander
Holiday for Strings – the David Rose String Orchestra
She’s No Lady – Lyle Lovett
You Lied to Me – Cathy Dennis
We’re in the Money – Harry Warren
Now It Can Be Told – Tony Bennett
Always – Tony Bennett
Young At Heart – Tony Bennett e Shawn Colvin
Overture – Carter Burwell
The Search – Carter Burwell

Synopsis: Loosely based on a true story, this uneven romantic comedy depicts the unexpected way in which a winning lottery ticket unites a pair of strangers. Waitress Yvonne (Bridget Fonda) first meets police officer Charlie (Nicolas Cage) when he eats in her restaurant. Realizing that he doesn’t have enough money to give her a tip, Charlie promises Yvonne to split any winnings from the lottery ticket he just bought. The skeptical Yvonne dismisses Charlie as just another cheapskate until he wins four million dollars and, much to Yvonne’s surprise, decides to honor the agreement. His action becomes front page news and wins public acclaim, but it doesn’t go over nearly so well with Charlie’s wife Muriel (Rosie Perez), who has her own plans for the money. Muriel’s shallow, greedy behavior disgusts Charlie, who finds himself spending more and more time with Yvonne, developing a friendship that threatens to blossom into something more. Jane Anderson’s screenplay stresses the relationship between Charlie and Yvonne’s characters over the situation’s comic potential; this earnest tone will please romance fans but may disappoint viewers expecting the farcical comedy of writer/director Andrew Bergman’s and Cage’s previous effort, Honeymoon in Vegas. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi
Cast: Nicolas Cage – Charlie Lang, Bridget Fonda – Yvonne Biasi, Rosie Perez – Muriel Lang, Wendell Pierce – Bo Williams, Isaac Hayes – Angel, Seymour Cassel – Jack Gross, Victor Rojas – Jesu, Stanley Tucci – Eddie Biasi

It Could Happen To You Soundtrack

Songs list from the movie It Could Happen To You Soundtrack

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