Lawless Soundtrack
Songs from the movie Lawless Soundtrack
1. Fire and Brimstone – The Bootleggers feat. Mark Lanegan
2. Burnin’ Hell – The Bootleggers feat. Nick Cave
3. Sure ‘Nuff Yes I Do – Ralph Stanley
4. Fire in the Blood – The Bootleggers feat. Emmylou Harris
5. White Light / White Heat – The Bootleggers feat. Mark Lanegan
6. Cosmonaut – The Bootleggers feat. Emmylou Harris
7. Fire in the Blood / Snake Song – Nick Cave / Warren Ellis / Emmylou Harris / Ralph Stanley
8. Aim Towards The Sky – The Bootleggers feat. Liela Moss and Emmylou Harris
9. Fire in the Blood – The Bootleggers feat. Emmylou Harris
10. Fire and Brimstone – Ralph Stanley
11. Sure ‘Nuff Yes I Do – The Bootleggers feat. Mark Lanegan
12. White Light / White Heat – Ralph Stanley
13. End Crawl – Nick Cave / Warren Ellis
14. Bonus Track: Midnight Run – Willie Nelson
15. Midnight Run (Buddy Cannon Mix) – – Willie Nelson

Lawless (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

In 1931, the Bondurant brothers of Franklin County, Va., run a multipurpose backwoods establishment that hides their true business, bootlegging. Middle brother Forrest (Tom Hardy) is the brain of the operation; older Howard (Jason Clarke) is the brawn, and younger Jack (Shia LaBeouf), the lookout. Though the local police have taken bribes and left the brothers alone, a violent war erupts when a sadistic lawman (Guy Pearce) from Chicago arrives and tries to shut down the Bondurants operation.
Cast: Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, Jason Clarke, Guy Pearce, Jessica Chastain, Gary Oldman

Lawless Soundtrack List


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