London Soundtrack

Songs from the movie London Soundtrack

Music by The Crystal Method
Restless – Evil Nine
Fire To me – Hyper Vs. The Crystal Method
Crime – Troy Bonnes
C’mon Children – The Out Crowd
Sucker Punch – Connie Price And The Keystones
Glass Breaker
I Luv U
Nothing Like You And I – The Perishers

A party becomes a metaphor for the wasted lives of a handful of young hipsters in this edgy independent drama. Syd (Chris Evans) awakes from the latest in a long series of drug- and booze-fueled benders when he receiving a phone call from a friend informing him that London (Jessica Biel), who recently broke up with Syd, will be moving away from New York for California with her new boyfriend in a few days, and that a going-away party is being thrown for her that evening. Syd hasn’t been invited to the bash, but he decides to attend anyway, and brings along Bateman (Jason Statham), a bartender who moonlights as a cocaine dealer. Bateman is carrying a large supply of nose candy, and after arriving at the party he and Syd install themselves in the bathroom, where they snort line after line while guzzling tequila and discussing philosophical matters regarding love, sex, and emotional pain. The private party-within-a-party is soon joined by Maya (Kelli Garner) and Mallory (Joy Bryant), who share cocaine and sympathy with the guys until Syd learns that London has arrived, and he decides it’s time to confront her. London was the first feature film for writer and director Hunter Richards. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
Cast: Chris Evans, Jessica Biel, Jason Statham, Isla Fisher, Dane Cook
Director: Hunter Richards

London Soundtrack List


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