Lost River Soundtrack List

Tell Me (Featuring Saoirse Ronan) – Johnny Jewel
Yes (Love Theme From Lost River) – Chromatics
Shell Game – Glass Candy
Echoes – Johnny Jewel
The Big Bad Wolf (Featuring Rob Zabrecky) – Johnny Jewel
Cool Water (Featuring Ben Mendelsohn) – Johnny Jewel
Deep Purple – Billy Ward & His Dominoes
Bullytown (Featuring Matt Smith) – Johnny Jewel
The Dead Zone – Johnny Jewel
Blue Moon – Chromatics
A Bloody Good Time (Featuring Eva Mendes & Landyn Stewart) – Johnny Jewel
Behind The Mask – Desire
Underwater – Johnny Jewel
Barnum’s Steam Calliope (Featuring Matt Smith) – Sunset Four
Carousel – Johnny Jewel
Hope – Johnny Jewel
Yes (Symmetry Remix) – Chromatics
Deep Purple (Featuring Mary Dugan) – Larry Clinton
The Goddess Of Gore (Featuring Rob Zabrecky) – Johnny Jewel
Moliendo Café – Lucho Gatica
Echoes (Reprise) – Johnny Jewel
Ascension – Johnny Jewel
Tell Me (Jukebox Version) – Johnny Jewel
Slow Motion – Johnny Jewel
Spellbound – Johnny Jewel
Burning Houses (Featuring Reda Kateb) – Johnny Jewel
Communion (Featuring Rob Zabrecky) – Johnny Jewel
Carousel Pt. 2 – Johnny Jewel
Wandering – Johnny Jewel
Deep Purple (Reprise) – Larry Clinton
Reunion – Johnny Jewel
Death – Johnny Jewel
Rat, Face, & Bully (Featuring Saoirse Ronan & Matt Smith) – Johnny Jewel
Candlelight Burns – Johnny Jewel
Fossil Fuels – Johnny Jewel
Franky’s Theme – Johnny Jewel
Yes (Lullaby From Lost River) – Chromatics
Whisper – Saoirse Ronan

Trailers songs:
Johnny Jewel / Chromatics – Yes (UK Trailer)

A single mother enters a dark lifestyle after facing economic difficulties. Meanwhile her eldest son has to take care of his younger brother because of the absence of their mother and gets into trouble with the town’s feared bully, while trying to help to get some money to help his mother. Afterward, he uncovers a road leading to an underwater utopia.
Cast: Christina Hendricks, Saoirse Ronan, Matt Smith, Eva Mendes, Iain De Caestecker, Ben Mendelsohn
Directed by: Ryan Gosling

Lost River Soundtrack List

Songs list from the movie Lost River Soundtrack

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