Maps to the Stars Soundtrack List

Music by Howard Shore
1. Greyhound
2. Set Me Free
3. Stolen Waters
4. Wildfire
5. A Little Crazy
6. Walk of Fame
7. Fire and Water
8. Asylum Corridor
9. Brother and Sister
10. Secrets Kill
11. Burn Out
12. Love Is Stronger Than Death
13. I’m Sorry
14. I Write Your Name
15. Liberty
16. Blanket of Stars

Plot: The film follows the lives of the Weiss family, an archetypical Hollywood dynasty: Dr. Stafford Weiss is a psychotherapist, who has made a fortune with his self-help manuals; his wife Cristina manages the career of their thirteen-year-old son, Benjie, a child star, who recently came out of a drug rehabilitation program, which he entered at the age of nine; their daughter Agatha, totally shunned by her family, has recently been released from a sanatorium in Florida, where she was admitted for the treatment of criminal pyromania. After her release from the sanatorium, she travels back to L.A. and befriends a limo driver who is also a struggling actor and aspiring screenwriter, Jerome Fontana. Using her friendship with Carrie Fisher, whom she befriended on Twitter, she becomes the personal assistant to Havana Segrand, one of Stafford’s clients and an actress. Segrand is having issues with purported sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her mother, and she wants to shoot a remake of the 1960s movie which made her mother, Clarice, famous. Clarice has been dead for sometime now and visions of her ghost come to haunt Havana at night. Other family issues rear their head as we discover that Agatha used to play at marrying her brother, Benjie, and, on the night of the fire, she drugged him and then set fire to the house, resulting in her disfigurement due to burns.
Cast: Julianne Moore, John Cusack, Mia Wasikowska, Robert Pattinson, Olivia Williams, Evan Bird and Sarah Gadon

Maps to the Stars Soundtrack List

Songs list from the movie Maps to the Stars Soundtrack

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