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Songs from the movie Music and Lyrics Soundtrack

Way Back into Love – Hugh Grant e Haley Bennett
Dance with Me Tonight – Hugh Grant
Meaningless Kiss – Hugh Grant
Love Autopsy – Hugh Grant
Don’t Write Me Off – Hugh Grant
Way Back into Love (Demo Version) – Hugh Grant e Drew Barrymore
Edge of the Ocean – Ivy
Buddha’s Delight – Haley Bennett
Bad Hot Witch – Hugh Grant
Entering Bootytown – Haley Bennett
Invincible – Haley Bennett
PoP! Goes My Heart – Hugh Grant
Slam – Haley Bennett
Ghanashyam – Ravi Shankar
Feelings – Morris Albert & Louis Gasté
Never Ending Story – Limahl
Jeopardy Theme – Merv Griffin
Radiation Vibe – Fountains of Wayne
My Girl – Smokey Robinson & Ronnie White
Flying Home – Benny Goodman & Benny Goodman Sextet
Rose Room – Benny Goodman & Benny Goodman Sextet
It’s Tight Like That – Benny Goodman & Jimmy Bracken’s Toe Ticklers
Tony the Beat – The Sounds
Raga Rajya-Kalyan – Ravi Shankar
Work to Do – America
Different Sound – Teddybears Feat. Malte

A professional collaboration between a popular lyricist and a washed-up musician takes a decidedly personal turn as the pair gradually finds their relationship developing into something much deeper in a romantic comedy directed by Marc Lawrence and starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. Alex Fletcher (Grant) may have been all the rage in the 1980s, but these days he’s lucky to get a gig playing at the local county fair. Just when it seems as if things couldn’t get any more bleak for the dejected has-been rocker, reigning pop diva Cora Corman (Haley Bennett) offers Alex the opportunity of a lifetime — write and record a duet to be sung with her and watch his career receive a much-needed boost as the nostalgia-crazed public laps it up. Little does Cora realize that not only has it been years since Alex has written a song, but he’s never actually written a single lyric. Now, if he hopes to make the comeback needed to save him from a life of complete and utter obscurity, Alex will have to craft a radio-friendly hit in a matter of mere days. Luckily for Alex, his quirky plant-keeper Sophie Fisher (Barrymore) has quite a way with words and may possess just the kind of songwriting talent needed to make such a hit happen. Unfortunately the beguiling Sophie is still reeling from a recent break-up with newly famous novelist Sloan Cates (Campbell Scott), and she isn’t quite sure if she’s ready for any kind of collaboration right now — romantic or otherwise. Despite Alex’s hesitation to commit and Sophie’s reluctance to collaborate, the pair quickly discovers that a little chemistry can go a long way in healing the wounds of the past and laying the foundation for a much-deserved future of happiness and success. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
Cast: Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore, Brad Garrett, Kristen Johnston, Haley Bennett
Director: Marc Lawrence

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