Rocky V Soundtrack List

The Measure of A Man – Elton John
Can’t Stop the Fire – Bill Conti
I Wanna Rock – Rob Base
Thought U Were the One for Me – Joey B. Ellis
All You Gotta Do Is Sing – Joey B. Ellis
Take You Back (Home Sweet Home) – The 7A3
Go For It! (Heart and Fire!) – Joey B. Ellis and Tynetta Hare
Keep It Up – Snap
That’s What I Said – M.C. Hammer
Winter Wonderland – Ray Charles
No Competition – MC Tab
Feel My Power – MC Hammer
Gonna Fly Now – Bill Conti, Carol Connors, and Ayn Robbins

Synopsis: Touted upon its release as the finale of the Rocky saga, this fifth entry in the long-running series of sports dramas reunites star Sylvester Stallone with John G. Avildsen, director of the Oscar-winning original. Stallone is Rocky Balboa, suffering from career-ending brain damage as a result of his punishing bout with Ivan Drago at the finale of the previous film. Upon their return to Philadelphia, Rocky and his wife, Adrian (Talia Shire), discover they are broke, their fortune squandered by an incompetent accountant. Forced to move back to their working-class neighborhood, Rocky finds that his only asset is the run-down gym willed to him by Mickey (Burgess Meredith, who appears in new flashback sequences). Resisting big money offered to him by Don King-like boxing promoter George Washington Duke (Richard Gant), Rocky becomes a trainer and finds a talented comer in Tommy Gunn (real-life boxer Tommy Morrison, nephew of John Wayne). Rocky’s son (played by Stallone’s real-life son Sage Stallone) feels neglected by his father, who lavishes attention on his protégé, but Tommy ultimately turns his back on his mentor to sign a more lucrative deal with Duke, leading to a street-fight showdown. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi
Cast: Sylvester Stallone – Rocky Balboa, Talia Shire – Adrian Balboa, Burt Young – Paulie Pennino, Sage Stallone – Robert Balboa Jr, Tommy Morrison – Tommy Gunn, Richard Gant – George Washington Duke

Rocky V Soundtrack

Songs list from the movie Rocky V Soundtrack

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