Running Scared Soundtrack List

Sweet Freedom – Michael McDonald
Man Size Love – Klymaxx
I Just Wanna Be Loved – Ready for the World
Running Scared – Fee Waybill
Once In A Lifetime Groove -New Edition
I Know What I Want – Patti LaBelle
Say You Really Want Me – Kim Wilde
El Chase – The Rod Temperton Beatwagon Feat. Larry Williams
Never Too Late To Start – The Rod Temperton Beatwagon Feat. Tommy Funderburk
Sweet Freedom – Michael Mcdonald

Synopsis: Ray Hughes and Danny Costanzo are a pair of wisecracking Chicago cops. Julio Gonzales is a fast-rising drug kingpin. In an effort to bring down Gonzales, Danny and Ray unintentionally blow the lid off a long-running undercover operation which has been trying to crack Gonzales’s drug ring. After getting chewed out by Captain Logan, Ray and Danny are forced to take a “vacation” and spend some time away from the force. To get away from the dreary Chicago winter, they go to Key West, Florida. They are taken in by the life of leisure, natural beauty, and hot women. They love the pace of life in a place where people stop and take time to watch the sunset each day. Danny comes up with the idea to retire from the force and buy a bar in Key West, and gets Ray to go along with the idea. Still, they don’t feel right about retiring until they can nail Gonzales. Ray and Danny head back to Chicago for one last mission as part of the force so that they can retire with clear consciences. Ray and Danny are aiming for one final shot at Gonzales, one final showdown where they can bring Gonzales down.
Cast: Gregory Hines, Billy Crystal, Joe Pantoliano

Running Scared Soundtrack

Songs list from the movie Running Scared Soundtrack

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