Running Scared Soundtrack List (2006)

Just Like Nelly – 2 Da Groove
I Should Know – Dirty Vegas
Stoned – Kirpichi
Feel tha Steel – Mellow Man Ace and Sen Dog
Amen – El Nuevo Xol
Guillotine Tactics – Mellow Man Ace featuring B-Real & Profound
Tres Besitos – Los Cubaztecas Orchestra
Besame – Los Cubaztecas Orchestra
I Don’t Want to Go Home – Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes
This I$ Hip Hop – Tone Brown & Marcus L. Scott

Running Scared (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music by Mark Isham
1. Running Scared / Main Title
2. Love On A Washing Machine
3. The Duke
4. True Grit / “Get Down!”
5. Chasing The Bullet
6. Crack House Cacophony
7. Sitdown
8. The Boys Hide The Gun / Nicky Comes Clean
9. I Belong To Him
10. Equal Measures
11. Dez & Edele’s
12. Fire Fight
13. A Mother’s Instinct
14. You’re An American
15. I Knew This Kid … / The Killing Ground
16. Nobody Knows Nobody / Priceless / Drive To Brighton Beach
17. Iced!
18. Aftermath / Across The Pulaski Skyway
19. MacDaddy / T, I’m Coming Home
20. I Was Always The Real Joey
21. A Family United
22. End Credits

Synopsis: A minor crook finds himself in major peril when a “hot” weapon goes missing in this violent crime thriller. Joey Gazelle (Paul Walker) is a low-level “mechanic” in the Mafia who hopes to rise through the ranks by doing whatever is needed. One night, a drug deal goes very wrong when police show up and try to close down the operation; shots break out and a battle ensues, with a pair of of cops meeting a particularly violent fate at bad end of a gun barrel. Joey is given the gun that killed the policemen and is told to make it disappear so it can’t be used as evidence; however, before he can do that, the weapon is stolen by Oleg (Cameron Bright), a friend of Joey’s young son, who takes the pistol and uses it to shoot his abusive stepfather. Now that the gun is implicated in high profile crimes, it’s vitally important that Joey find it as soon as possible, but his search for the firearm is complicated by the fact that Oleg’s stepdad is affiliated with a rival gang of Russian mobsters, and that Rydell (Chazz Palminteri), a seriously corrupt police detective, is hot on Joey’s trail. Joey’s search for the gun takes him through the grim criminal netherworld of the city, where he must face off against nearly every sort of crook, con artist, and deviate that has ever walked the earth. Running Scared is from writer-director Wayne Kramer, who made a name for himself with the well-reviewed independent feature The Cooler. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
Cast: Paul Walker, Cameron Bright, Vera Farmiga

Running Scared Soundtrack List

Songs list from the movie Running Scared Soundtrack

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