Sabotage Soundtrack List

Heights 3 – Jmike
Ball – B Boy Featuring Ca$H Out
All We Do – Kaytranada Featuring Jmsn
La Casa Del Sol Naciente – Alejandra Guzman
Darkest (Dim) – Tokimonsta Feat. Gavin Turek
Beer Bar Blues – Lloyd Conger
Mafia Nueva – El Komander
Ninja Tracks – Vengeance (Trailer song)

Sabotage (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music by David Sardy
1. Raiding The Cartel
2. Stealing The Money
3. Where Is The Money
4. Interview
5. Breacher Wakes Up / Gym Work 3
6. Breacher Pulls Up
7. Team Training
8. Pyro Flip Screech
9. Meet Caroline
10. Strippers Here
11. Neck Nailed To Ceiling
12. Breachers Backstory
13. Finding Tripod
14. Breachers Home Vids
15. Not Going To Fight You Boss
16. Redneck Boat / Not A Fish
17. World Class Assholes
18. Apartment Raid
19. We All Go Home Tonight
20. Monster In The Fridge
21. Team Falling Apart
22. I Quit
23. Lizzy Shot Grinder
24. Parking Garage
25. ATL Street Chase
26. Where’s Breacher
27. Brujo Enters
28. Gunfight
29. Breachers Revenge

Synopsis: In “Sabotage“, Arnold Schwarzenegger leads an elite DEA task force that takes on the world’s deadliest drug cartels. When the team successfully executes a high-stakes raid on a cartel safe house, they think their work is done – until, one-by-one, the team members mysteriously start to be eliminated. As the body count rises, everyone is a suspect.
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Worthington, Terrence Howard, Josh Holloway, Joe Maganiello, Dawn Olivieri
Director: David Ayer
Genres: Action/Adventure, Suspense/Thriller

Sabotage Soundtrack

Songs list from the movie Sabotage Soundtrack

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