Sugar & Spice Soundtrack List

Girls – Lefty
Rock and Roll Part 2 – Gary Glitter
Blitzkrieg Bop – The Nutley Brass
Glockenpop – Spiderbait
Papa Don’t Preach – Madonna
Everything Nice – Marty & Elaine with John Andrews
Critical Nature – The Dragonflies
Ready To Go – Republica
Girl Power – Shampoo
Bohemian Like You – The Dandy Warhols
Watch Her Now – Mark Mothersbaugh
She’s So Huge – The Flys
Feliz Navidad – El Vez
Mary Xmess – Stacey Kelsey
Shazam – Spiderbait
Cannonball – The Breeders
News Flash – Shampoo
MTV Daily News Theme – Todd Mueller
B’cos We Rock – Brassy
Pistolero – Juno Reactor
American Girl – Cindy Alexander
Let’s Rob A Bank – Size 14

Synopsis: The directorial debut of Australian filmmaker Francine McDougall, this teen comedy stars Marley Shelton as Diane, captain of the Lincoln High School A-squad cheerleaders, the most popular girls in their school. They include born-again Christian Hannah (Rachel Blanchard), the rebellious Kansas (Mena Suvari), late-night talk show fan Cleo (Melissa George), and brainy geek Lucy (Sarah Marsh). When Diane learns that she’s pregnant, she and her stud quarterback boyfriend Jack (James Marsden) get hitched and quickly learn that marriage with children is an expensive proposition. With some advice from Kansas’ convict mom (Sean Young), the squad embarks on a plan to rob a bank, but their peppy enthusiasm and patented cheerleading moves may give them away to the authorities. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi
Cast: Marla Sokoloff as Lisa “The Informer” Janusch, Marley Shelton as Diane “The Mastermind” Weston, Rachel Blanchard as Hannah “The Virgin” Wald, Melissa George as Cleo “The Stalker” Miller, Mena Suvari as Kansas “The Rebel” Hill, Alexandra Holden as Fern “The Terminator” Rogers, Sara Marsh as Lucy “The Brain” Whitman

Sugar & Spice Soundtrack List

Songs list from the movie Sugar & Spice Soundtrack

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