The Karate Kid Soundtrack List

Do You Remember – Kamaljit Jhooti
Say – John Mayer
SpongeBob SquarePants Theme – Patrick Pinney, Devin Johnson, Sara Paxton and Camryn Walling
The Tribute (DJ Zeph Remix) – Colossus
Here I Come – The Roots
Minerva Quartets – Camilla Kjoll, Lina Marie Arnes, Lisa Sorenson and Tiril Dorum Bengtsson
Baby I’m Back – Baby Bash
Nocturne For Piano No. 20 In C Sharp Minor – Alyssa Park
Dirty Harry (Schtung Chinese New Year Remix) – Gorillaz
Steppin’ Up – K T Wilder
Bang Bang – K’Naan
Low – Flo Rida
Poker Face – Lady GaGa
Flight Of The Bumblebee – Balazs Szokolay
Xin Ying – Xuan Qu
Back In Black – AC/DC
Higher Ground – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Never Say Never – Justin Bieber
Remember The Name – Fort Minor

The Karate Kid (Music from the Motion Picture)
Music by James Horner
01. Leaving Detroit
02. Looking For Mr. Han
03. Kung Fu Heaven
04. “I Want To Go Home” – The Forbidden City
05. The Lunchroom
06. Backstreet Beating
07. Han’s Kung Fu
08. Ancient Chinese Medicine
09. Beijing Valentine
10. Mei Ying’s Kiss
11. Jacket On, Jacket Off
12. Journey To The Spiritual Mountain
13. Hard Training
14. All Work And No Play
15. From Master To Student To Master
16. Dre’s Gift And Apology
17. Tournament Time
18. Final Contest

When a 12-year-old from Detroit moves to China with his mother and incurs the wrath of the class bully at his new school, he makes an unlikely ally in the form of his aging maintenance man, a kung fu master who teaches him the secrets to self-defense. Upon arriving at his new school, Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) develops a powerful crush on pretty classmate Mei Ying. The feeling is mutual, although the cultural divide between Dre and Mei Ying makes a friendship unlikely, and romance impossible. When cruel classmate and kung fu prodigy Cheng learns of Dre’s feelings for Mei Ying, he harasses and humiliates the young outsider in front of the entire school. With no one to turn to for help, Dre confides his fears in kindly maintenance man Mr. Han (Jackie Chan), a kung fu master who knows that serenity and maturity — not punches and power — are the true keys to mastering the martial arts. As Dre prepares to face down his intimidating tormentor, he begins to realize that the real fight is just beginning. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
Cast: Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan, Taraji P. Henson, Wenwen Han, Rongguang Yu
Director: Harald Zwart

The Karate Kid Soundtrack List

Songs from the movie Karate Kid Soundtrack

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