The Rover Soundtrack List

Meak Mer Nov Odor Meanchhey – Savy Heng and James Cecil
Backpack – Gabby La La
Trilogy-The Three Ages of Man: Memories – Colin Stetson
Time is Advancing with Fitful Irregularity – Colin Stetson
As a Bird or Branch – Colin Stetson
Groundswell – Colin Stetson
Ko-Tha-Three Dances Of Shiva: Transcription For Double Bass By Fernando Grillo – I – Robert Black
Awake on Foreign Shores – Colin Stetson
Do I Worry? – The Ink Spots
Variation VI – William Basinski
Djed – Tortoise
Four Day Interval – Tortoise
I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say – Pattie Rosemon with Frank & Odie Rosemon
Pretty Girl Rock – Keri Hilson
Deja-Vu – Sam Petty
Crystal Waters – Matthias Loibner
Two Themes for Rey – Sam Petty

The Rover: Original Motion Picture Sountrack
1. Four-Day Interval (Tortoise)
2. Arrival (Antony Partos)
3. (No) Vacancy (Sam Petty)
4. Crossfire (Sam Petty)
5. Campfire (Antony Partos)
6. Groundswell (Colin Stetson)
7. Pit Stop (Antony Partos)
8. Deja Vu (Sam Petty)
9. Homecoming (Antony Partos)
10. Bonfire (Antony Partos)
11. Crystal Waters (Matthias Loibner)
12. Two Themes For Rey (Sam Petty)
13. Motel (Antony Partos)
14. Variation V (William Basinski)

Trailer song:
Sol Seppy – Enter One

Guy Pearce stars in this post-apocalyptic Western about a lone-wolf drifter who joins forces with a wounded man to pursue a sadistic band of thieves. A decade after the collapse of the western world, Australia has become a lawless wasteland. As desperate outsiders pillage the country’s precious mineral resources, taciturn Eric (Pearce) travels from town to town searching for signs of life. Then, one day, Eric falls prey to vicious thieves who steal his car. In the process of making their getaway, the thieves abandon Rey (Robert Pattinson), their wounded partner in crime. Meanwhile, Eric vows to reclaim his most-treasured possession by whatever means necessary, and forces Rey to help him track down the men who left him for dead. Scoot McNairy and David Field co-star in this grim tale of revenge from writer/director David Michôd (whose script for the 2010 crime drama Animal Kingdom took the Best Screenplay prize at that year’s Australian Film Institute awards).
Cast: Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson, Scoot McNairy

The Rover Soundtrack List

Songs list from the movie The Rover Soundtrack

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