A Thousand Times Good Night Soundtrack List
Original music composed by Armand Amar
1. A Thousand Times Goodnight (1:25)
2. Sacrifice (3:28)
3. Guilty (1:59)
4. Remember Kaboul (2:39)
5. A Thousand Times Goodnight II (2:53)
6. The Human Bomb (7:03)
7. Stephanie’s Project – Anne-sophie Versnaeyen/Naziha Meftah (2:53)
8. Pain (2:40)
9. From Africa Return (4:55)
10. Flashback (1:12)
11. Kabul’s Return (2:08)
12. Child of Death (1:56)
13. On the Phone (2:20)
14. A Thousand Times Goodnight III (1:56)

Synopsis: Rebecca (Binoche) is a photojournalist obsessed with reporting in dangerous war zones. She documents a group of female suicide bombers in Afghanistan. She accompanies one of the suicide bombers to Kabul, where the premature detonation of the bomb severely injures her. While recuperating at her home in Ireland, she is confronted by her husband Marcus (Coster-Waldau) and her daughter Steph (Lauryn Canny), who force her to choose between covering war zones, or prioritizing her family. She chooses her family.
Steph is intrigued by her mother’s photographs and interested in humanitarian work in Africa, so Rebecca proposes a photography trip with her daughter to a refugee camp in Kenya. Marcus agrees, assuming that the trip will be safe. Instead, the camp is attacked by an armed group that begins murdering people in their tents. Rebecca’s obsession with documenting violence returns, and she again recklessly exposes herself to danger, taking photos in rhythm with the gunfire.
Cast: Juliette Binoche, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Maria Doyle Kennedy and U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr.
directed by Erik Poppe

A Thousand Times Good Night Soundtrack

Songs from the movie A Thousand Times Good Night Soundtrack

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