Virginia Soundtrack

Songs from the movie Virginia Soundtrack

Music by Nick Urata
1. Kiss Me Goodbye – Nick Urata & And The Candelabras
2. Virginia Main Titles
3. Suicide Mission
4. Depart the Desolation
5. Who Pissed in Your Cocopuffs?
6. Aura Lee
7. The Plan Continues
8. On the Gravitron
9. I Ain’t Never Gonna Leave You
10. Why Not Now?
11. Keeping Secrets
12. What’s Wrong With Virginia?
13. Cinderella Story
14. Virginia and Willy
15. You’re Mine Now
16. Aura Lee Part 2
17. Convert Me
18. Driving Home
19. Kiss Me Goodbye (Instrumental)

Virginia (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Nick Urata

A beautiful yet unhinged single mother struggles to raise her son Emmett (Harrison Gilbertson) while dreaming of escaping her small Southern boardwalk town. Her long time affair with the very married, Mormon Sheriff Richard Tipton (Ed Harris) is thrown into question when he decides to run for public office. Things are further complicated when Emmett begins a romantic relationship with Tipton’s daughter (Emma Roberts). Virginia and the town are full of secrets and everyone knows Virginia can only keep things together for so long.
Cast: Jennifer Connelly, Ed Harris, Emma Roberts, Harrison Gilbertson, Amy Madigan, Carrie Preston, Toby Jones

Virginia Soundtrack List


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