The Hangover 3 Songs Trailers
The Hangover 3 (Part III) Soundtrack and Songs from the Movie Trailer

Apple Tree – Wolfmother
Ellens dritter Gesang (Ave Maria) – Franz Schubert (Alan singing at the funeral)

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Watch the trailer:

The first official trailer for director Todd Phillips’ “The Hangover: Part III” has gone online, just one day after an epic “Harry Potter”-inspired poster hit the web. The trailer promises that “it all ends” here, making round three the final chapter in the drunken exploits of Phil, Stu and Alan — played to hilariously vulgar perfection by Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis, respectively.
As the trailer begins, the first sound heard is Franz Schubert’s iconic “Ellens dritter Gesang,” commonly called “Ave Maria.” The angelic rendering of the Schubert classic comes not from an equally angelic singer, but Alan, singing his heart out at a funeral. “My god — he has the voice of an angel,” an astonished Phil observes. Stu agrees: “It’s breath-taking!”….(MTV)

The Hangover 3 Trailer Song

The Hangover 3 (Part III) – Songs from the Movie Trailer

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