Episode 22 “Never Turn Back” s01e22

Love Love Love – Avalanche City
Beginning of episode when Cat and Vince are walking through town, then they kiss
Terrible Love – The National
End of episode when Vince is captured and Cat holds on to his hand til he’s ripped away from her
Salvation – Gabrielle Aplin
Cat and Vince talking about life together, then they kiss

Episode 21 “Date Night” s01e21

Whirlpool – Sea Wolf
Vincent takes the second pill after looking at Catherine and lies down next to her.
Guiding Light – Foy Vance
End of the episode.
Hands – Alpine
Beginning of the episode when Cat and Tess are in the gym locker room.
Soft Light – Lonesome Animals
Vincent and Kat walk into the natatorium.
Tessellate – Alt-J

Episode 20 “Anniversary” s01e20

Beautiful Day – Joshua Radin
Beginning of the episode.
Africa – Toto
Gabe is having dinner with Cat’s family.
Promise – Ben Howard
End of the episode.
Silent Underground – Moon Taxi
Vincent talks with JT about Gabe

Episode 19 “Playing with Fire” s01e19

The Phoenix – Fall Out Boy
When Vincent destroys the servers in Muirfield’s building.
Stars – Eva & Manu
Last scene when Vincent shows Cat his new place.
Butterflies – Liz Coyles
In the start of the episode

Episode 18 “Heart of Darkness” s01e18

Bigger Than Love – Benjamin Gibbard
at the beginning, during the scene in Cat’s apartment
Safe With Me – The CO
End of the episode.

Episode 17 “Partners in Crime” s01e17

New Tricks – Great Northern
Cat & Vincent talk in the tunnel just before their encounter with the bad cops
The Reach – Miranda Lee Richards
Catherine and Tess chat on the sofa.
Stay With Me (feat. Brie Stoner) – Daniel
Cat and Vincent talk on the fire escape at the end of the episode and they kiss. Evan sees them.

Episode 16 “Insatiable” s01e16

Like Blood Like Honey – Holly Brook
Beginning of the episode.
Desire – Ryan Adams
Cat & Vincent making love.
Free Like You Make Me – Cary Brothers
Song playing while Cat and Vincent talk/kiss in the tunnel

Episode 15 “Any Means Possible” s01e15

Heaven – Depeche Mode
Beginning of the episode: Vincent is having a dream about him & Cat.
We Are Stars – The Pierces
End of the episode when Cat and Vincent make love.
Sugar – Wanderhouse
Cat and Vincent kiss at the museum.

Episode 14 “Tough Love” s01e14

Polish Girl – Neon Indian
Cat goes to the club to try and get the flash drive containing a copy of Vincent’s photo from Heather.
Don’t Say a Word – Tula
Everyone arrives to the alley where Heather, Darius’s body & the other 2 men’s bodies are.
Catalyst – Kyla La Grange
End of the episode: Cat tucks Heather to bed; Vincent tries to break things off with Cat; Cat & Vincent kiss & tell each other they love each other.
I Love It (feat. Charli XCX) – Icona Pop
Cat tells Heather that she will break up with Vincent. Darius is buying drinks.

Episode 13 “Trust No One” s01e13

Come & Get Me – Leah Lou & The 2 Left Shoes
Heather is getting floor measurements when she gets approached by someone visiting their brother.
Locked Out of Heaven – Bruno Mars
Flash mob.
You Love, You Love – Luke Sital-Singh
Cat & Vince prepare Alex to leave; Alex tells Cat that Vince loves her.
Time, Take Your Time – Liz Longley
End of the episode.
Fragile Love – Adam Agin
Happy Song – Daniel and the Scandals
Underwater – Joshua Radin
No Time to Waste – Political Rivals
Brand New Memory – Exene Cervenka

Episode 12 “Cold Turkey” s01e12

I Will Survive – Nicole Anderson
Beginning of the episode: Heather is singing karaoke at the bar.
Don’t Save Me – Haim
Cat is cleaning Alex’s apartment before they raid it.
Thread – Now, Now
Cat is jogging when Vincent catches up with her.
Lights Changing Colour – Stars
Vincent confesses to Alex about the experiment& his DNA.
Running For Cover – Ivan & Alyosha
Alex & Vincent are in her car talking while they drive to the cabin.
Change – Kopecky Family Band
Heather & Cat talk in their apartment about how Cat had to go help Vincent.
Like Nothing I’ve Seen – The Beards
Plays in the bar before all 3 girls go up to sing karaoke.
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – Kristin Kreuk, Nicole Anderson & Nina Lisandrello
End of the episode: the girls song karaoke together at the bar.

Episode 11 “On Thin Ice” s01e11

This Is the Beginning – BOY
Vincent is at Alex’s apartment looking at an old photo.
Punching In a Dream – The Naked and Famous
Beginning of the episode.
Now Is the Start – A Fine Frenzy
Vince and Alex sneak into an ice rink.
Enter Through the Sun – Young Empires
Cat & Tess walk into the party when she gets a call from Vince.
Close to Nowhere – Band of Skulls
End of the episode.
Sails – Hooray For Earth
Weed & Wine – Elise LeGrow

Episode 10 “Seeing Red” s01e10

Where You Are – Michael Logen
Alex & Vincent talk in her car for the first time in a while.
Breathing Underwater (Acoustic) – Metric
Alex see’s Vincent in the hospital. Cat catches Vincent & Alex kissing.
Little Shadow – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
End of the episode.
To Be Torn (Atatika Remix) – Kayla la Grange
Introduction scene. When they find Cat after the crash.
Beautiful Melancholy – Tom Leonard
Cat looking through pictures of Vincent & Alex

Episode 9 “Bridesmaid Up!” s01e09

We Got Heart – J Day
If You Got The Time – Jean McClain
Silver Streets – BOY
Unstoppable (We Got That Feelin’) – Lexi Strate Unstoppable (We Got That Feelin') - Unstoppable (We Got That Feelin') - Single
beginning of the episode
Feel – Stephanie Day Feel - Feel - Single
Dancing second song
Wherever You Will Go – Charlene Soraia Wherever You Will Go - Wherever You Will Go - Single
Cath and Vicent dancing at the party
To be Torn – Kayla la Grange
End of the show during car wreck.

Episode 8 “Trapped” s01e08

Let it Go – Dragonette
Opening scene.
Boom – Da Enforcerz
Jake’s ringtone.
Do What I Want – Jack Miz
Tess and Jake get into her car.
Little Miss – Hourcast
Jake changes the station in Tess’ car.
Diamond – Victory
JT sneaks into Evan’s lab.
Let Love Find You – Lucie Silvas
Closing scenes.
Keep Pushing On – Domato
Jake & the vending machine

Episode 7 “Out of Control” s01e07

In the Summer (Brookes Brothers Remix) – Crystal Fighters
Beginning of the episode. Frat party.
Seasons – Heather Porcaro
Cat packs a bag
I Am Freedom – Monster Truck
Cat & Mike talk at the party
St. Christopher (On My Way) – Michael Logen
when Vincent is telling Catherine she is the reason why he has been blacking out (end of the episode)
Sweet Rock N Roll – Vibrolux
Cat & Tess question frat brothers
Everybody Wants What I’ve Got – Lindsey Ray
Cat & Tess arrive at the launch party for the calendar

Episode 6 “Worth” s01e06

Lions In Cages – Wolf Gang
A woman enters an Art Gallery
White Doves – Cider Sky
Vincent talks to Kat about what the artist was feeling when painting the woman he loves. Also telling Kat he feels the same way about her.
The Veldt – deadmau5 ft. Chris James
Radioactive – Marina & The Diamonds
Cat, Evan, and Tess are at the club event
Prey – 21st Century Girl
Dark Days – You Say Party!
Condor Quarry – Solidaze

Episode 5 “Saturn Returns” s01e05

Beautiful Day – Toby Lightman
Catherine is getting up and getting ready in the morning.
V.I.P. – Crash Boom Bang
Tess and Catherine have fun in the photo booth; Evan & Cat do tequila shots.
Heart On a Mission – Zach Berkman
Cat drags Evan in to the photo booth, where they end up kissing as Vincent watches from the window.
In a State – UNKLE
Vincent cannot sleep in the beginning of the episode
Take a Walk – Passion Pit
Catherine comes to the party, meets Evan’s girlfriend. talks about decorations and mom
Raise Your Glass – Deana
Best Part of Me – St Leonards
At the end of the episode when Catherine waits for Vincent but he doesn’t show up
Josh Auer – All My Fault
the song in the promo for the next episode “the worth”

Episode 4 “Basic Instinct” s01e04

Everybody’s On the Run – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
Beginning of the episode.
Nitesky (feat. John LaMonica) – Robot Koch
When Cat told Vincent she knew about his civilian victims, and when Vincent took some of his blood for preservation in case of emergency and that he turned himself in to the Murfield.
Round and Round – Imagine Dragon
Nearly end of the episode, when the boy victim’s father thanked Cat and the man who found his boy, namely Vincent, and when they play the game and Cat finnally hit the ball and had a good home run.
Surf Party – The Blues and Greys
baseball practice

Episode 3 “All In” s01e03

Cut It Out – Kitten
Cat running in the park and talking to P.J.
Figure it Out – Emma-Lee
Iris is reunited with her sisters
Titanium – David Guetta & Sia
in Dane’s club while Cat is going in..
Save Yourself – Greg Holden
Trip A3 – Plaster
Cat questions Sam and Dane
Money In Paper – Little Barrie
Cat interrupts Evan while he’s cleaning
Dangerous – Chanel Leon
Cat and Vincent argue after he attacks Dane

Episode 2 “Proceed with Caution” s01e02

Kaleidoscope Hearts – Magic Wands
body falls from building as girl walks by on the street
Silent Machine – Cat Power
Cat pulls up outside Vincent’s
Unstoppable – Minutes Til Midnight
Julio is chased down by Tess & Cat
Black Flies – Ben Howard
Vincent gets an apology from Cat for taking his picture

Episode 1 “Pilot” s01e01

Angel of the Morning – Juice Newton
Cat is attacked in the subway
Calling All Angels – Train
Opening scene (Flashback)
Midnight City – M83
Cat breaks up with Zeke (back to present day)
Never Let Me Go – Florence + the Machine
Vincent watches Cat with Evan at an event
The Weight of Love – Snow Patrol
Cat notices familiar license plate in video
You’ve Got Something (Wrong With You) – Cocaine is For Horses
Forbes is questioned by Cat & Tess about Vincent




  1. The info for Kayla la Grange’s “To be Torn” on Episode 9 “Bridesmaid Up!” s01e09 is incorrect.
    In both Episode 9 and 10 the (Atatika Remix) has been used.

  2. I just want to know the name of the song that sounds at the end of each chapter, i think it’s a piano, but i really love it and i cant find this. Please help me :'(

  3. Beauty & the beast- session 2, ep1- what is the. Name of this song & who is it by:
    Bc I can’t make you love me 2. You can’t make your heart feel something it won’t!! Here in the dark, in these fine hours, I will lay down my heart, & Ill feel power! Bc you won’t – I can’t make younlove if you don’t

  4. I just want you to know that this site is bookmarked. I am a beastie and I know every episode is updated with songs. I soo love it. thank you soo much.

  5. thank you alot for doing this .i really appreciate this ,
    i’ve been searching alot to find the songs i want.always unsuccessfully too ,till found your site. thaaaaaaank you so much again.

  6. Best site ever!!!! Have been trying to find songs from tv shows so often in the past. Always unsuccessfully until now. Thank you so much

  7. Thank you SO MUCH for this! I have been looking for songs in several of these episodes and here they are! YOU ARE AWESOME!!

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