Grey’s Anatomy Soundtrack
Songs from the TV Show Grey’s Anatomy (Season 11):

Episode 16 “Don’t Dream It’s Over” s11e16
Ex’s & Oh’s – Elle King
April & Jackson make out in a supply closet until she receives a page; Owen & Amelia make out in the on call room when Owen receives a page; Meredith tries to call Derek; Callie meets her date.
Find a Place – IKO
Jackson & April have sex a car outside of the hospital; Meredith talks to Callie, Alex & Maggie about girl and Derek.
One – Ed Sheeran
End song.

Episode 15 “I Feel the Earth Move” s11e15
Goddess – Banks
Maggie tells Callie she has a hard time dating, then Callie tells her just to go for it anyway; Jo reveals to Meredith that she’s on a perfect surgery streak, and that it started they day Derek left.
Photograph – Ed Sheeran
Ben apologizes to Bailey; Maggie makes a date with Ethan; Amelia & Owen kiss in the on-call room; Meredith tells Alex she doesn’t need Derek, then phones him and another woman answers the phone.
Stayin’ Alive (feat. Kevin McKidd, Caterina Scorsone & James Pickens Jr.) – Grey’s Anatomy Cast
Owen, Amelia & Richard sing over the phone to give Ruby a rhythm so she can perform CPR on her mom.

Episode 14 “The Distance” s11e14
Worry – RHODES
Callie comforts Arizona; Owen warns Amelia not to expose herself; Amelia finishes with the radiation seed; Avery leaves April in the ER; Stephanie awakens and heads back to the OR; Amelia breaks down.
Saturn – Sleeping at Last
Montage of the docs checking in on Hermann; Bailey & Arizona discharge Glenda; Amelia watches the recording of her Hermann’s surgery; Stephanie finds a stroke in Hermann scans; Callie & Arizona talk.

Episode 13 “Staring at the End” s11e13
Grow – Odessa
Herman & Arizona drink and joke around; Amelia lectures; Stephanie asks Amelia if she should call Derek and Amelia freaks out and Stephanie inspires her to be worthy; Hermann burn a radiation mask.
Seasons – Hollow Wood
Hermann’s voice over; Hermann is wheeled off to the OR, she gives advice to Arizona while they take her there; In the OR Arizona reassures Hermann as she put under then leaves.

Episode 12 “The Great Pretender” s11e12
Raising Hands Raising Hell Raise ’em High – The Wind and The Wave
Bailey stands watch as Ben & Curtis illegally scatter their father’s ashes; Jo interrupts Arizona then steals her shower as she complains about Alex; Arizona yells at Alex about the broken shower.
A Heartbreak – Angus & Julia Stone
Dr. Herman tauntingly calls Arizona a ‘dirty girl’; Amelia, Callie & Jo operate on Hillary and comment on her avoidance of her boyfriend Todd’s proposal.
Let It Go – James Bay
Maggie confronts Meredith about Derek then Meredith tells her how she spend her weekend; Ben explains to Bailey how he told Curtis everything, but Curtis never told him about wanting to be a woman.
Weekend – PRIORY
Amelia shows up at Owen’s trailer with a bottle of ‘wine’, they kiss; Callie flirts with a guy then asks him guy to dance; Arizona & Nicole steal a couch; Meredith tells Alex about her weekend.

Episode 11 “All I Could Do Was Cry” s11e11

Episode 10 “The Bed’s Too Big Without You” s11e10
Never Been In Love – Elliphant
Meredith tries to sleep as both the kids sleep in her room; Alex misses a message from Meredith while he fools around with Jo; April & Jackson wait for their doctor; Dr. Herman undergoes a brain scan.
I Think I’m In Love – Kat Dahlia
Callie goes over to their tech rep, Jenna, and encourages her to give Owen a chance, then discovers she’s interested in women, specifically Callie.
Let the Light Back In – Maggie Eckford
Amelia joins Meredith, Bailey & Maggie while they wait for their tumor to finish printing; Meredith comments on how strange it feels to sleep alone, then the others tell their experiences with it.
Feels Like Coming Home – Jetta
Adrian’s surgery continues; Callie & Owen discuss how they’re not ready to start dating; Jo ‘pauses’ sex with Alex to answer a text; Owen remembers being with Cristina; Meredith calls Maggie.

Episode 09 “Where Do We Go From Here” s11e09
If I Go – Ella Eyre
April breaks down after telling Jackson their baby is a boy; Meredith calls Derek and tells him that she doesn’t want to fight anymore; (flashback) Derek & Meredith making their post-it vows.
Forget Me Forgotten – Hollow Wood
Owen ask Meredith if she’s talked to Cristina about her problems with Derek; Stephanie asks to Mr. James about his wife previous condition; Herman tells Arizona about past times she’s been given hope.
The Struggle – Danny Lux
Meredith speaks with the nanny about what she needs

Episode 08 “Risk” s11e08
Home – Aron Wright
Arizona & Callie comfort each other then Arizona asks Callie if misses her; Maggie & Meredith perform surgery on their patient as Derek & Richard watch from the gallery, they discuss about the two.
Run – Marsha Ambrosius
Stephanie tells April she’s sorry; Maggie confronts Richard about taking Derek’s side; Jo complains so Alex explains to her about the Grey house open policy; Callie & Owen help Rick with his new leg.
Deeper – Ella Eyre
Jo complains about Alex & Meredith until Stephanie tells her about the anomaly she found on April & Jackson’s baby; Meredith & Callie tell Alex & Maggie about their problems; Bailey advises Richard.

Episode 07 “Can We Start Again, Please?” s11e07
Medicine – BROODS
Jo realizes a mistake; Arizona races to another OR only to find it empty then searches for Alex, he tells her about the patient, they both update the dad; Arizona comes back to the OR to a grim scene.
Home – Ella Eyre
Meredith asks Maggie if she’s free for the night; At Alex’s house, Meredith, Maggie, Callie & Alex have drinks and talk as Jo studies when Arizona arrives; Amelia comes home to Derek waiting for her.
Feed My Soul – Lucy & The Cloud Parade
In surgery, Callie & Meredith discuss their relationship problems; Bailey asks Jo for a progress update on her surgery; Arizona tells Alex how nice it is for them to be doing surgery together again.

Episode 06 “Don’t Let’s Start” s11e06
Long Hard Look – Mary J. Blige
Miranda & Ben in bed; Overshoot of Elliot bay; Meredith & Derek have sex in the shower; As Richard waits at the door as Maggie arrives, she explains to Richard why she is upset with him then leaves.
Not Loving You – Mary J. Blige
Derek tries to explain to Meredith why he’s been trying to help, she accepts it but gives him an ultimatum; Alex tells Arizona to “suck it up” when she complains about Hermann; Jo’s patient awakens.

Episode 05 “Bend and Break” s11e05
You Know You Like It – AlunaGeorge
Meredith & Callie drown their sorrows over their relationship problems with drinks at Joe’s.
Touch The Lightning – Lemon Sun
Meredith & Callie continue too get drunk at the bar as they complain about their partners.
Therapy – Mary J. Blige
Callie seduces Arizona by rubbing her shoulders as she tries to work

Episode 04 “Only Mama Knows” s11e04
Is There Somewhere – Halsey
song at the end of Grey’s Anatomy that was playing when they was showing what next week’s episode

Episode 03 “Got to Be Real” s11e03
Whoa is Me – Grieves
Meredith talks to Alex about Maggie’s confession to her the night before as he takes his shower; Jo outside the bathroom complains to Stephanie about Meredith taking over Alex.
Lyin King – Jhene Aiko
Avery talks to Callie about her and Owen’s fight earlier but ranting himself, then offers to help the project; Maggie praised Richard and then leaves the surgery, he runs out after her but she’s gone.
You Should Know Where I’m Coming From – Banks
Owen tries to explains to Callie why he blow-up at her; Callie asks Owen to watch her surgery.
Waiting Game – Banks
Maggie blows up at Richards after his confession; Meredith & Derek argue; Bailey & Alex giving their presentations to the Board; The Board gives their answer to them.

Episode 02 “Puzzle with a Missing Piece” s11e02
Everybody Wants You – Billy Squier
The nurses and orderlies dance and work as Dr. LeBackes & Alex work on their patient then Maggie causes a quake in the relationship of the two when she mentions Alex’s new.

Episode 01 “I Must Have Lost It on the Wind” s11e01
Le Boom Vent Suite – Jill Scott
Callie & Arizona work on two teenage patients from the van; Dr. Herman suggests Arizona apply for a fellowship; In surgery, Amelia & Ben question Derek about Meredith and plans.
Ghost of the Year – Piney Gir & Correatown
Derek’s patient asks for help sleeping; Richard listens in on Maggie & Meredith’s argument; Maggie tells Richard she was hoping connect with Meredith before she told her that their sisters.
I Will Be There – Odessa
Owen’s patient is reunited with his wife and daughter; Alex comes to Meredith, he offers to be her person; Richard & Avery converse over Avery’s impending fatherhood and Richard & Katherine’s breakup.
Cold Coast – Secret Sun
Jo complains to Stephanie about Meredith kicking her out of bed the night before; Meredith talks to Alex about her predicament with Derek; Derek tells Meredith he’s not moving to D.C.

Cast: Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens, Jr., Isaiah Washington, Patrick Dempsey

Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack


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