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HBO Girls Soundtrack List (Season 4)
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Episode 10 “Home Birth” s04e10
Carry Me – Family of the Year
(Six months later) As it snows Hannah walks down the street with Fran hand-in-hand, they stop and kiss then continue walking; End credits.
Reign – Kevin Morby
As Desi pays for his, Marnie and their label producers drinks he asks Ray if everything between them is cool which allows Ray to tell him that he hates him and tell him off then walk off.
Moving to Mars – Coldplay
Outcast – Clear Plastic Masks

Episode 09 “Daddy Issues” s04e09
New Dorp. New York (feat. Ezra Koenig) – SBTRKT
Jessa & Ace making love
Black and Blue – The So So Glos
Hannah & Elijah day drink at a bar as they talk about Tad and how Hannah is handling the situation.
Marie Marie – The Blasters
Shoshanna helps calm Ray’s nerves as she sets up his election party.
Better Get Moving On – Danny Wilde
Ray talk to in constituents; Marnie & Desi arrive at the party, Marnie asks Desi to keep their engagement a secret for a while; Marnie shows Ray her engagement ring.
Out of Breath – Ronnie White
Ray calls Desi over to congratulate him on his engagement to Marnie.
Happy Birthday (feat. Allison Williams) – Girls Cast
Marnie singing to Ray in a Marilyn Monroe fashion as makes her away over to him.
Let’s Work Together – Canned Heat
Shoshanna brings out Ray’s cake; Leftfield arrives to concede to Ray and congratulate him; Shoshanna announces Ray victory then introduces him to the crowd at the bar.
Let the Good Times Roll – Shirley & Lee
Everyone claps for Ray after his speech; Hannah arrives at the party, Shoshanna tells her she missed the speech then asks if she wants a pieces of the cake.
Teen Beat – Sandy Nelson
Hannah congratulates Ray then Ray asks about Elijah in which Hannah makes a snappy comment about probably being off with her father in Chelsea.
Entropy – Grimes & Bleachers
Marnie announces her engagement to crowd; Hannah & Ray both admit their faking being happy; End credits.

Episode 08 “Tad & Loreen & Avi & Shanaz” s04e08
Problem (feat. Iggy Azalea) – Ariana Grande
Hannah & Cleo talk ask they walk down the street about Adam, Fran and relationships when start to dance to the song playing until their cat-called by a plumber and run away down the street.
Teenage Talk – St. Vincent
Hannah does silent after her mother tells her, her father is gay; End credits.
Come Close – The Hugs
Hannah & Cleo decide on what kind of “best-friend” piercing to get; As Cleo gets her frenulum piercing, Hannah gives her a pay-by-pay then afterwards Hannah chickens out of getting her piercing.
Toujours moi – Axelle Red
Shoshanna & Scott on their date, they talk about their exes.
Love of No Return – Peter Sivo Band
Shoshanna & Scott finish talking about their exes then Shoshanna tries to “Jessa approach to seducing men” on Scott.
Champale – Macbeth The Great
Shanaz, Avi, Gregg, Thyme, Loreen & Tad talk about their daughters at they dole wine; Tad gives a speech about Loreen which Loreen stop and leaves the table, Avi suggest they continue the party.

Episode 07 “Ask Me My Name” s04e07
Hang Ten – Nudity
background music at the party
I Get Along Without You Very Well – Chet Baker
Hannah leaves the falafel place with her falafel, takes off her ‘Ask My Name’ smock into the trash and continues walking; End credits.

Episode 06 “Close Up” s04e06
Can’t Nobody Love You – The Zombies
Adam lays in bed with Mimi-Rose then exits without waking her; Adam prepares breakfast on the patio when Mimi-Rose comes out and they kiss; Hannah sits at the edge of her bed moping then gets up.
God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get) – El Perro del Mar
Adam watches Mimi-Rose in bed then get out of bed; Elijah sleeps; Hannah grabs her résumé, looks it over and heads out; Ray works on a poster for his candidacy; Hannah goes into a school; End credits.
Close Up (feat. Allison Williams & Ebon Moss-Bachrach) – Girls Cast
Marnie & Desi make love while listening to their own music; (repeats) Marnie & Desi lay around in bed as they discuss their takes on their music which cause an argument.
The West – Ty Segall
When they are all siting at the restaurant talking about ideas for Hannah’s future career.

Episode 05 “Sit-In” s04e05
Shiver – Lucy Rose
Hannah exits the subway and does to the storage units then goes inside and lays down on the couch; End credits.
Reincarnation of a Lovebird – Charles Mingus
Hannah wakes up to blaring music; Ray cooks in the catch of the apartment when Hannah comes out of the room and asks about Adam, he hugs her and they begin to discuss things as they cook.

Episode 04 “Cubbies” s04e04
We Belong (feat. Katie Herzig) – RAC
Desi tells Marnie he loves her then they begin to make love; Hannah make a decision; Hannah ride in a taxi back to Manhattan then heads up to her apartment.
She’s Got You – Patsy Cline
End credits.

Episode 03 “Female Author” s04e03
Love Blood – Sleeper Agent
Hannah & Jessa video chat when Jessa disrobes and flashes Hannah her backside.
Oogum Boogum Song – Brenton Wood
Ray listens to music in his office when he receives a phone call from the police station from Adam.
Left Alone (feat. Chet Faker) [Ta-Ku Remix] – Flume
Hannah & Elijah talking at the poet party while Elijah takes ph
Pushing On – Oliver $ & Jimi Jules
Hannah discusses her fellow classmates flaws at a party.
Bloom – ODESZA
Hannah spots other members of her program at the poet party while talking to Elijah.
Everybody Wants Somebody – Joel Jerome
Hannah rides in a Mennonite buggy home; End credits.

Episode 02 “Triggering” s04e02
Problem – Natalia Kills
Hannah heads into the bath after mentoring a crying girl; Hannah wrestles another girl in pool filled with coloured liquid while Elijah and the party crowd watch cheering them on.
Get Low – Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz & Ying Yang Twins
Hannah & Elijah dance together at a party then with other people; Elijah leaves with a guy and heads upstairs.
Gold In the Air – Jesse Woods
Hannah wakes up Elijah the next morning and they walk home from the party; End credits.
Waste a Lot of Things – Jaill
Hannah screams into the air asks if she could have her bike back; (continues) At the bar Hannah drinks with her classmates; Hannah asks Logan about how she perceived her story.

Episode 01 “Iowa” s04e01
Giant – Matrimony
Hannah sits in the back sit of her parents car as they with bicker with each other as they drive to Iowa; End credits.
Breathless (feat. Allison Williams & Ebon Moss-Bachrach) – Girls Cast
Marnie & Desi performs at the cafe as their friends watch; Shoshanna apologizes to Ray for recent event their relationship the leaves.
Onward & Inward (feat. Allison Williams & Ebon Moss-Bachrach) – Girls Cast
Marnie & Desi preform another song, this one dedicated and written for Hannah by Marnie; Hannah asks Adam this current thoughts then gives her own; Marnie stops singing as the noise level grows.

Girls HBO Songs, list by episode

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