How to Get Away with Murder Soundtrack List
Songs by episodes:

Episode 15 It’s All My Fault S01E15
Black – The Soft Moon
Lila’s murder is revealed.
Run Me Out – Zola Jesus
Wes tells Annalise he didn’t let Rebecca go, she tells him she believes him; (Flashback) Sam tells Lila he loves her; Asher meets with the DA; Laurel gives Michaela her ring back; Rebecca finds Lila.

Episode 14 The Night Lila Died S01E14
Feel – Nalepa & William Arcane
Bonnie takes the Keating 5 on a field trip, they interview a witness; Annalise lectures her class; Michaela, Asher & Conner interview another witness; Father Andrew confess to Annalise & Bonnie.
Music People (Us Version) – iamx
Michaela forces Rebecca to tell the truth; Rebecca threatens the Keating 5 with the information she has on them; Frank catches Bonnie & Asher together; The Keating 5 show Annalise a tied up Rebecca.

Episode 13 Mama’s Here Now S01E13
Feel the Same – Battle Tapes
Bonnie goes up against Amanda Winthrop cross in court; Bonnie talks to the K5 and Frank her court plan of action; Michaela asks Frank about Annalise’s plan to help Nate then they question a witness.
Thrill Anybody? – Living Days
At a bar, Michaela using the name ‘Tammy’ seduces ADA Orrin Driver for information about Nate’s case.
The Light (feat. Denai Moore) – SBTRKT
At a bar, Conner preps the rest of the Keating 5 on his cover story then introduces them to Oliver; Rebecca calls Wes, he lies about his whereabouts; Wes tells Laurel, Rebecca lied to him about Rudy.

Episode 12 She’s a Murderer S01E12
Homeostasis – nostalghia
Asher makes a incestuous comment to the gang; Annalise walks into the police filled house as they search through it then Bonnie tries apologizes; Everyone nervously watches as the home is searched.
Nitesky (feat. John LaMonica) – Robot Koch
Laurel breaks down as she confronts Frank, he tries to comfort her; Annalise watches the update when Bonnie fronts her with her finding then advises her; Annalise has a drink then makes a phone call.
Nitesky (feat. John LaMonica) (Cato remix) – Robot Koch
Laurel breaks down as she confronts Frank, he tries to comfort her; Annalise watches the update when Bonnie fronts her with her finding then advises her; Annalise has a drink then makes a phone call.
Back To The Start (Instrumental) – Digital Daggers
End song (played throughout the final 4½ minutes).

Episode 11 Best Christmas Ever S01E11
You’re Just Like Christmas – The Crookes
Frank & Asher drink at a bar.
I Salute You Christopher (Instrumental) – iamx
Connor & Oliver make dinner when their passions get the best of them; Hannah confronts Annalise; Rebecca shows West the news report of Sam.
I Salute You Christopher (Us Version) – iamx
Connor & Oliver make dinner when their passions get the best of them; Hannah confronts Annalise; Rebecca shows West the news report of Sam.

Episode 10 Hello Raskolnikov S01E10
Killed Ya – Daniel Wilson
Annalise and the gang work on proving Sam killed Lila; Connor probes Oliver about his dating life as Oliver search for information; Bonnie tries to get Sam laptop; Laurel & Michaela work together.
Disruptism (Principles of Geometry Remix) – Gyrls
Annalise tells Connor & Michaela she can help them; Annalise her “1 person commits murder, 4 people help cover up” example for her quiz as her gang looks on; Laurel is confronted by Kan.

Episode 09 Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me S01E09
Walk with the Noise – iamx
Asher walks then decides to join the bonfire crowd; Bonnie drinks at bar and watches the news about Lila’s case; Asher dances at the bonfire; Wes tells Rebecca not to leave the motel, then leaves.
Black Out Days (Spacebrother Remix) – Phantogram
Annalise’s gang cleans up the murder scene at her house; Annalise begins to leave Nate’s house but he stops her, they have sex; Bonnie makes out with guy; Asher receives a call him Bonnie.
Vision – M83
Annalise leaves Nate’s house then tries calling Sam but leaves him a message; The gang burns Sam’s body then bags and discard the remains; Frank apologizes to Laurel; Michaela searches for her ring.

Episode 08 He Has a Wife S01E08
Drive, Pt. 1 – Ben Khan
Laurel & Frank have sex outside of Annalise’s house in Frank’s car.
No Fun – The Presets
Mrs. Walker walks away from Michaela; Frank & Laurel come into Frank’s apartment making out but their interrupted by Sasha, Frank’s girlfriend.
Drive – Wild Cub
(Flashback) Lila & Rebecca hang out, Rebecca brings Lila drugs and Lila tells Rebecca about her first time with Mr. Darcy.
The Depths – Frankie Rose
(Flashback) Lila sets on the roof edge crying when Rebecca comes up, Lila tells her Mr. Darcy wants to end things.

Episode 07 He Deserved to Die S01E07
Vagaries of Fashion – Fujiya & Miyagi
Wes & Rebecca have sex in Wes’ apartment; An autopsy is performed on Lila’s body.
All the Other Girls (Demo) – Avid Dancer
Laurel & Frank have sex; Nate approaches Rebecca, he asks her to help him catch Lila’s real killer; Sam tries distract Annalise when Bonnie interrupts, she tells them the new medical report on Lila.
That Good Night (Trentmoller remix) – Howl Baby Howl
At the Drunken Wheel bar, the boys of Annalise’s gang try to flirt their way to an answer for their case throw the secretaries of the DA office.

Episode 06 Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole S01E06
Evil Voices – The Faint
Annalise & Bonnie tells the group what info they need to find; Montage of the group is going over the case files, calling people involved in the case, talking, making & drinking coffee, and sleep.
Tumbling Lights – The Acid
Annalise tells Sam she’s taken care of everything, he asks her why she did what she did; Wes & Rebecca come to the Keatings home; Nate gets photos of Frank; Asher places the trophy on his shelf.
Briar Path (Instrumental version) – ERAAS
Annalise tells her student the back story of their next case – a death row case; Annalise does to the prison to visit Stanley, her client, she tells him they’ve been granted an appeal for his case.
Dress Walker – Liars
Annalise tells the group they have 64 hours to win the case; Wes & Laurel visit the clients former attorney; Michaela & Conner visit the original prosecutor; Bonnie & Asher visit the eyewitness.
Burn It (feat. Di’Alo) – Skee-Ball
(Flashfoward) Asher dances around his apartment when he receives a phone call, he talks for a bit then he notices that the Lady Justice trophy is missing from his shelf, he ends the call.

Episode 05 We’re Not Friends S01E05
Slowed Down – Visuals
Annaliese drinks alone when she receives a phone call from Sam she dismisses the call then meets up with Nate, who tells her he got fired then tells her that he lied about Sam and his whereabouts.
Volatile Times (Us Version) – iamx
Laurel has sex with Kan; Wes finds Rebecca’s apartment empty; Wes calls Rebecca, she tells Wes that he can’t trust Annalise & Sam; Wes goes Annaliese’s home and figures out that Sam is Mr. Darcy.

Episode 04 Let’s Get to Scooping S01E04
No One’s Here To Sleep (feat. Bastille) – Naughty Boy
Rebecca comes back to her flat to find Wes waiting outside his door, they talk; Wes tells Annaliese what Rebecca told him; Annaliese removes her wig & makeup when Sam comes home, she questions him.
Jaguar – Mogwai
Nate breaks into Sam’s car search for the GPS tracking unit when Sam catches him. Nate rebuffs him with a lie; Unknowingly to them Bonnie watches from her car.
Cold Red Light (Instrumental) – iamx
Montage of Annaliese teaching her class and taking depositions from two of her clients employees; Talia & Jimmy arrested and paraded through the of office as their workmates clap and watch.
Modern – Mogwai
The Judge delivers his verdict on Rebecca’s bail hearing; Annaliese tells Rebecca she can go home now; Wes & Rebecca have a moment before walk out of the courtroom.

Episode 03 Smile, or Go to Jail S01E03
The Unified Field – iamx
Michaela and her fiancé, Aiden, have sex then discuss their future plans.
Somebody – Fenech-Soler
Law Review bar scene; Laurel gets hit on by guy in the bar; Connor tells Michaela about his sex life with her fiance Aiden then they argue.
Love Runs Out – OneRepublic
Promo for next week’s episode.

Episode 02 It’s All Her Fault S01E02
Run Me Out – Zola Jesus
Final Scene

Episode 01 Pilot S01E01
Dark and Stormy – Hot Chip
0:02 Wes riding his bike to class; The class begins and the students hurry to find their assigned seats; Professor Keating makes her grand entrance.
Push ‘Em (feat. Skinhead Rob & Tim Armstrong) – Travis Barker & Yelawolf
Wes complains to his neighbor, Rebecca, about her loud music disturbing his peace.
Apoidea – Roman Remains
Connor seduces the IT guy (Oliver) to obtain information for Keating’s case then hooks up with the guy afterward.
I Come with Knives – iamx
The plumber arrives goes upstairs to water tank and finds a body inside the tank; As they watch the news Keating tells her husband her thoughts on the mystery; The gang set a body on fire in the wood.
Jingle Bells – Rosemary Clooney
Connor singing along to Jingle Bells to annoy his co-conspirators while sitting in the car at the gas station.
Levitation (Autonica Remix) – Special
Wes goes through papers and discovers Annalise cheating.
Sensation (Acid Remix) – Val Kononov
Closing credits

Cast: Viola Davis as Professor Annalise Keating, Esquire: A high-profile defense attorney, teaching a class at Middleton University.
Billy Brown as Detective Nate Lahey: Annalise’s lover who tries to prove Sam’s involvement in the Lila Stangard murder and the main suspect in Sam’s murder.
Alfred Enoch as Wes Gibbins: A student recently accepted off the wait list who later has a relationship with Rebecca.
Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh: A law student seen as ruthless and somewhat narcissistic by his peers.
Katie Findlay as Rebecca Sutter: Wes’ mysterious neighbor who becomes a suspect in the murder of Lila Stangard.
Aja Naomi King as Michaela Pratt: An ambitious student who wants to be successful like Annalise.
Matt McGorry as Asher Millstone: One of Annalise’s students who comes from a privileged background.
Karla Souza as Laurel Castillo: An idealistic student who later has a relationship with Frank.
Charlie Weber as Frank Delfino: An employee of Annalise’s firm who is not a lawyer but handles special duties requiring discretion.
Liza Weil as Bonnie Winterbottom, Esq.: An associate attorney in Annalise’s firm

How to Get Away with Murder Soundtrack List

Songs list from the TV Show How to Get Away with Murder Soundtrack

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