Episode 15 “Because You’re My Sister” s04e15

Hello My Old Heart – The Oh Hello’s
Mark visiting Sarah at the guest house
Someone Told Me – Jake Bugg
Amber and Ryan talk outside his house.
Another Day (My Friend) – Jennifer O’Connor
Ryan visiting Amber at her apartment
River – Terry Reid
Kristina Visiting Adam at work in pink wig
Winter – Matt Corby
Amy and Drew talking
Maintenant – Rupa & The April Fishes
Jasmine and Crosby at the restaurant.
Under the Westway – Blur
Kristina scan and family gathering outside for the adoption of Victor
Simple Things – Amos Lee
Braverman family at the adoption of Victor.
You’re True – Eddie Vedder
Closing Montage
You’ll Be Had – Korey Dane
Is this Hank and Sarah having dinner? Can’t find the track to listen to it.

Episode 14 “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back” s04e14

Dance in the Graveyards – Delta Rae
Max gets the Vending Machine
Everything Happens to Me – Chet Baker
Hank and Ryan talking over Breakfast
Ruby, My Dear – John Coltrane & Thelonious Monk
Sarah telling Hank about having Coffee with Mark
Hold On – Tom Waits
Amber and Camille talking about Ryan
Never Forget – Fleetwood Mac
Mark and Sarah talking over coffee
Lovesong of the Buzzard – Iron & Wine
Crosby and family having dinner

Episode 13 “Small Victories” s04e13

Sun In Your Eyes – Grizzly Bear
Drew lying in bed at house
Fake Arms – Foreign Fields
Sarah and Mark in hall at his apartment with muffin tin
Noisy Sunday – Patrick Watson
Planned Parenthood, first visit.
Lady Adelaide – Benjamin Gibbard
Drew and Amy in car after Planned Parenthood
Feeling Good – Nina Simone
Max in hall after shower
I Always Knew – The Vaccines
Opening Song, Crosby needs to Pee!
Hole in the Ocean Floor – Andrew Bird
Second visit to Planned Parenthood

Episode 12 “Keep on Rowing” s04e12

Rapper’s Delight (Hip-Hop Remix Long Version) – The Sugarhill Gang
Opening song, girls dancing
AWOL Marine – Perfume Genius
Kristina shaving her head
Do With You (feat. Ben Folds) – Ryan Lerman
When Adam is in the hotel bathroom getting ready for his special night with Kristina
Mathereal – Ruu Campbell
Last song walking out of hotel. You can only see video on his webpage.
Ain’t It So – Papa
Kristina being chatted up by Luke, in the bar.
A to Z – Alice Russell
Unknown, but it’s listed on the NBC site for the show.
I Feel Trouble On It’s Way Again – Cleveland Eaton
Unknown, but it’s listed on the NBC site for the show.
Baby Don’t Laugh – J.P. McClain & The Intruders
The Braverman ladies drinking and talking
Honey Hi – Fleetwood Mac
Sarah and Hank in the studio picnic date.

Episode 11 “What To My Wondering Eyes” s04e11

Green Grows the Holly – Calexico
Sarah and Hank talking outside the Braverman house.
Wishlist – Pearl Jam
Opening the gifts Christmas morning.
Glorious – Melissa Etheridge
Final song when the family goes to see Kristina.
Sleigh Ride – The Ronettes
opening song
The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You) – Nat “King” Cole
The Family gathers at the Braverman house.
White Christmas – Bright Eyes
Adam gets the truth about Kristina from the doctor.
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town – Ella Fitzgerald
Amber and Ryan making Christmas cookies
Christmas Time Is Here (Vocal Version) – Vince Guaraldi Trio
Crosby and Jasmine reading to Jabbar
Winter Wonderland (Single Version) – Aretha Franklin
Amber dropping off the presents for Sydney & Victor

Episode 10 “Trouble in Candyland” s04e10

Feeling the Pull – The Swell Season
Glen Hansard the first studio song.
High Hope – Glen Hansard
Crosby saves the day, song plays through the last few scenes.
What They Say – Chris Smither
Opening song with Amber visiting Joel
Ball and Chain – Max Gomez
Ryan at new construction job, first scene.
Stop This World – Mose Allison
Sarah and Hank in the bar drinking.

Episode 9 “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” s04e09

Sometimes the Sky – Charlie Mars
Julia Apologizes to (husband) Joel for not supporting him & his new job.
Embraceable You – Jimmy Scott
Closing song which Max and Kristina dance to.
Flood’s New Light – Thee Oh Sees
Crosby meets the new Luncheonette neighbor
Gettin’s Good – The Spell
Sarah cooking when Mark comes home
Ba Da – Roy “Boogie Boy” Perkins
Zeek and Ryan talking at The Piping Cup
Burn Us Down – Early Morning Revel
Song being performed by the band in the studio

Episode 8 “One More Weekend With You” s04e08

The First Time I Ran Away – M. Ward
Kristina smokes the pot Adam got from Crosby to ease her illness from chemo.
Being Alone (feat. Robert Francis) – Love On A Real Train & Joachim Cooder
Last scene of the episode where they go for a late swim in the ocean.
In the Dark – Josh Ritter
Amber driving Ryan to the funeral
Okay Cupid – Kitty Pryde & Beautiful Lou
When Mark walks in on Drew and Amy in the bedroom
Workin’ Overtime – Craig Marsden
Motel parking lot, Ryan drinking with his war friends
Tango della gelosia (Jealous of You) – Jerry Vale
Song at Crosby and Jasmine’s Party
Lets Start Again – Nicky Bomba’s Bustamento
Song at Crosby and Jasmine’s Party
Paid In Full – Eric B. & Rakim
Song at Crosby and Jasmine’s Party

Episode 7 “Together” s04e07

I Don’t Want Love – The Antlers
Amber and Ryan play mini golf.
The River – Chromatics
Adam and Crosby talk at the bar.
Is That Clear – Nick Waterhouse]
Drew drops the re-gifted get well basket at Amy’s door.
You Ain’t Alone – Alabama Shakes
Drew and Amy kiss.
Full Moon Rising – Neil Halstead
Amber wakes up at 3:04 a.m. and finds Ryan still awake.
Para – Calexico
Drew leaves Amy’s house after meeting her new boyfriend; Joel and Julia drive to Victor’s old apartment building.

Episode 6 “I’ll Be Right Here” s04e06

One Love to Another – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Crosby and Adam at work talking about what he can do to help
Sixteen Saltines – Jack White
Drew listening to music before the move
I Need You By My Side – Michael Kiwanuka
Haddie helping make Kristina’s sandwich when Crosby brings Otis home
Dark Parts – Perfume Genius
Adam saying goodbye to Kristina before her surgery
Sister Song – Perfume Genius
Ryan bringing Amber the flowers to make up for the bad date
Guiltfree – Bootstraps
Adam and Kristina returning home from the doctor
On Our Minds – The Record’s
Music playing at the restaurant on Ryan & Amber’s first date

Episode 5 “The Talk” s04e05

Flowers in Your Hair – The Lumineers
Hank kissing Sarah in the darkroom
Heartbeat – Kopecky Family Band
Julia at work, unable to go to Sydney’s recital
Water of Love – Dire Straits
Baseball game, Adam and Crosby talking then Zeek talking to the coach
Shed Their Fear – Yael Meyer
Kristina tells the family she has cancer
A Whiter Shade of Pale – Procol Harum
Zeek and Camille talking about Ryan
Man on Fire – Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes
Victor hits a home run!

Episode 4 “The Talk” s04e04

Watering Hole – Missy Higgins
Zeek and Adam checking the sprinklers
Lusitania – Andrew Bird
Adam and Crosby talking about what Jabbar heard.
Towards the Sun – Alexi Murdoch
Jasmine and Crosby explain to Jabbar about what he heard in the recording studio.
Old Shoes – Sean Rowe
Zeek at the VA, then plays during the closing scenes
Great Going Good (feat. Thurz) – Ro Blvd
Band in the Studio
I’m Getting Ready – Michael Kiwanuka
Zeke meets the veteran back from Afghanistan at the VA.
Names and Races – Foreign Fields
Crosby & Jasmine talk while watching Jabbar sleeping; Crosby tells Jasmine that it would kill him if anyone ever makes Jabbar feel less than he is because he’s black.

Episode 3 “Everything Is Not Okay” s04e03

In the Arms – Lucy Schwartz
Kristina looking at herself in the mirror
Bring It On Home to Me – Sam Cooke
at the wedding reception while Sarah and Hank are drinking champagne
Normal Song – Perfume Genius
Commotion – Creedence Clearwater Revival
when Zeek gets pulled over, song playing in car
(If) You Want Trouble – Nick Waterhouse
children sitting around table talking to Zek about driveing
The Call – Ruu Campbell
Scarborough Rose – Jamme
Maraqopa – Damien Jurado

Episode 2 “Left Field” s04e02

Vampires – Maps & Atlases
Drew & Amy arriving at school.
A Lord Calvert’s Kind Of Day – Sid Linard
Adam, Kristina and Max looking at the dogs
Leave My Heart Alone – Lynn Ready
strong>Naked As We Came – Iron & Wine
Kristina learns she has breast cancer
Funky Town – Lipps, Inc.
Crosby on his guitar in Adams office
Franklin’s Tower – Grateful Dead
Hank talks to Drew about women.
Orpheo Looks Back – Andrew Bird
Crosby & Jasmine have sex in the kitchen

Episode 1 “Family Portrait” s04e01

Just As Loud – Paul McDonald
song played by the band at the Luncheonette
Corner – Allie Moss
Photo shoot with Hank and Sarah
Call Me the Breeze – Beth Orton
Kristina on the phone with Julia about Guacamole
Amen – Rocco DeLuca
Crosby talking to his parent about religion
A Little One – Peasant
Joel in bed with Julia when she sees Guacamole
Counting Stars – Paul McDonald
song for the band when Adam kicks them out
T-Bone Shuffle – T-Bone Walker
Haddie is talking to Victor at her going away party

Parenthood Music, by episodes


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