SONGS – REVENGE (Season 2)

SONGS – REVENGE (Season 2)

Episode 15 “Retribution” s02e15

Archipelago – Quantic
Daniel and Victoria are seen talking at a bar about Aiden’s true motives.
Hold On – Angus & Julia Stone

Episode 14 “Sacrifice” s02e14

Ceilings – Local Natives
Emily and Charlotte talk at the Stowaway.
I Got You Babe – Bahamas
Emily on video conference with Nolan and Aiden
Dig (How It Feels to Lay In the Soft Light) – Lost Lander
Nolan and Emily talk about finding Jack & Amanda.
I Move Around – Gospel Claws
Padma looks for Nolan.
The Fisher King – California Wives
Charlotte with baby Carl, when her mother walks in to discuss her bringing the baby to the Graysons.

Episode 13 “Union” s02e13

A Bad Sign (Highs and Lows) – Takka Takka
Jack and Amanda at the Stowaway. He shows her a brochure of a place they could sail to for their honeymoon.
85 Feet – Sorta
Conrad and Jack at the Stowaway.

Episode 12 “Collusion” s02e12

The 5th Exotic – Quantic
Daniel and Emily are seen relaxing by the hotel pool.
Lay It Down – The Rubens
Conrad talks to Kenny at the Stowaway.

Episode 11 “Sabotage” s02e11

Hard to Love Me – Harper Blynn
Emily and Daniel eat take-out and discuss Helen Crowley and the initiative.
22 – Night Beds
Charlotte and Declan talk on the boat.
Baskin and Robbins – Kovas
Amanda buys a gun out of the back of a guy’s car at night.
Ace of Spades – Motorhead
Amanda chooses this song on the jukebox at the Stowaway.

Episode 10 “Power” s02e10

Dandelion – Richard Walters
Jack gives Amanda her old sea glass necklace
For You & Me – The Fearless Vampire Killers
Cops show up at the Stowaway
Baltimore Sun – Moo Industries
Everyone attends the Liberty Project Benefit Party
She Does – Moo Industries
Emily confronts the Judges wife at the benefit before her speech
The East Wood Fox – Drawn From Bees
Charlotte comes by the bar to distract the brothers, while Declan snoops around
Honest I Promise – L Hodges
Charlotte continues to distract, while Declan finds drugs hidden in coffee beans (Artist is JL Hodges)
Blood & Fire – The Owsley Brothers
Declan tells Jack about the drugs he found
Lounge Party Starting – Steve Rice
Daniel and Conrad meet for lunch

Episode 9 “Revelations” s02e09

Tunnels – The Hundred In the Hands
End of the episode
Leading Me Now – The Tallest Man On Earth
The Temporary Thing – Bringing Down The Man

Episode 8 “Lineage” s02e08

Faster Kill Pussycat (feat. Brittany Murphy) – Paul Oakenfold
Fight in bar
Tears for Affairs by – Camera Obscura
Nolan and Marco exchange gifts.
The One Thing I Could Lose – The First Times

Episode 7 “Penance” s02e07

Black Sheep – Gin Wigmore
Technically the tie-in Target commericals and not the actual show.
Sunday Song (feat. Rachel Fannan) – UNKLE
plays when Conrad is talking to Victoria in her bedroom at the end of the episode
Burn to Shine – Frankel
Jack and Amanda putting baby Carl to sleep
Hummingbird – Moo Industries
Luncheon at the Grayson’s for their clients to smooth things over
Only One – Smith Westerns
Amanda meets Mason at the Stowaway

Episode 6 “Illusion” s02e06

Paradise Circus – Massive Attack
Final scene
The Deadline – The Fearless Vampire Killers
plays on the radio in the motorhome as Mason enters
Don’t Get Hung Up – The Stevenson Ranch Davidians
plays at the Stowaway as Jack is at the register. Kara is across the bar from him
V.O.G. – Sleepy Sun
Stowaway’s grand opening
Cosmic Blues – The Stevenson Ranch Davidians
Jack & Amanda discuss their future on his boat

Episode 5 “Forgiveness” s02e05

For You – Angus & Julia Stone
At the end on the beach when she remembering when she was a kid, then her mother comes
So Outta Reach – Kurt Vile
Charlotte visits Declan at the Stowaway
Vermont Avenue – Ferraby Lionheart
Jack comes back to the Stowaway to give Declan an update on Amanda
Blind (Salva Remix) – Rainbow Arabia
Daniel, Ashley & Aiden go out for drinks
Strangers In The Night – Cast
Mason leaves Emily’s and whistles

Episode 4 “Intuition” s02e04

The Heart Has Its Reasons – Azure Ray
end of the episode
You Are My Sun – Sun Kil Moon
“Amanda” leaves the Stowaway
Skinny Genes – Eliza Doolittle
“Amanda” arrives at the shower with her friends
Magdalena – Alice Russell & Quantic
“Emily” and “Amanda” talk while everyone else goes to another room
June – Wild Belle
“Amanda” opens baby gifts
Fire – Yukon Blonde
closing scenes

Episode 3 “Confidence” s02e03

I Will Be Back One Day – Lord Huron
Emily goes to the Stowaway to talk to Amanda
Everything Trying – Damien Jurado
Jack finds Amanda downstairs at the bar in the middle of the night

Episode 2 “Resurrection” s02e02

Never Tear Us Apart – INXS
Flashback 1989, Amanda’s mom sings along with this song in the car
Songbird – The Fieros
Jack and Amanda enter the Stowaway as Declan is working on repairs
Life’s a Beach – Django Django
Declan on the boat, talking to a guy from high school
More – Daiquiro
Nolan and Padma have lunch.
Smother – The Interns
Jack and Declan share a glass of scotch at the Stowaway.
Only In My Dreams – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

Episode 1 “Destiny” s02e01

Shake It Off, Turn It Up – Soft Swells
Into the Black – Chromatics
End Montage
There’s a Key – M. Ward
Declan on the phone in Stowaway, Jack & Amanda enter.
Elephant – Tame Impala
Nolan training at the boxing gym.
Girasol – Lightships
Jack works on repairing the bar. He and Amanda discuss starting a family.

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