SONGS – SELFIE (Season 1)

Selfie Soundtrack – Songs list

Episode 13 I Woke Up Like This S01E13
Bitches Be Like (Radio Edit) – Chuckie
Start of the episode, Eliza is doing her makeup routine
Summer Home – Typhoon
Final montage of Henry remembering moments with Eliza
Big Coat – Wiretree
By the end of the episode while Eliza was cutting her hair

Episode 12 Stick in the Mud S01E12
Secrets – Mary Lambert
Opening scene
Turn Down For What – DJ Snake & Lil John
Slide show about the mud run

Episode 11 Perestroika S01E11
OctaHate – Ryn Weaver
Opening scene
Wimbledon – Rich White Ladies
Eliza and Freddie test out the presidential suite.
All My Days – Alexi Murdoch

Episode 10 Imperfect Harmony S01E10
Take a Walk – Passion Pit
Opening scene with Eliza on the elevator
Chandelier – Sia
Elisa singing on the karaoke evening
Wild World – Cat Stevens
Henry’s karaoke song
Maneater – Daryl Hall & John Oates
Freddie’s karaoke song
Word Up! – Cameo
Joan’s karaoke song
Wishing Well – Terence Trent D’Arby
Sam’s performance

Episode 09 Follow Through S01E09
The Stroll – The Diamonds

Episode 08 Traumatic Party Stress Disorder S01E08
Hook – Blues Traveler
Henry and his new “friend” Wayne sing along during the concert. Julia leaves later during the song.
Run-Around – Blues Traveler
First song of the concert.
The Impression That I Get – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Episode 07 Here’s This Guy S01E07
Baby It’s You – Mapei
Montage of Eliza impatiently waiting for Henry at her apartment.
Flaws – Bastille
(Eliza’s beginning monologue) Eliza socializes online via. her phone as she boards the elevator, then at her apartment door she meets Henry has a present for her a rotary telephone which he explains.

Episode 06 Never Block Cookies S01E06
All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor
Eliza’s opening voice-over as she snapchats with Freddy when Henry catches her and wrings her out.
I Lost Myself – Holmes
Eliza comes out of the bar in hopes to apologize to Henry only to find in flirting with a girl as he helps her into a cab.

Episode 05 Even Hell Has Two Bars S01E05
We Dem Boyz – Wiz Khalifa
Eliza dances in the office to make a point to Henry that people can’t take their eyes off her when she’s in a room.
Workin On My Tan Bitch – Blind Scuba Divers
Eliza, Henry, Terrence and the Sapersteins hangout by the pool, much to Henry’s dislike.
High – Young Rising Sons
Freddy tries to distract Eliza from her phone as posts to instragram, then they start to make out though Eliza continues to stare at her phone; At night, Sam jumps into the freshwater preserve naked.
Whiskey Girl – Gillian Welch
Eliza searches for a phone signal when Henry rides up on a horse, he apologizes to her for the way he acted, then they share a moment before both their phones both beep with connecting signals.
How To Be the Man – Riff Raff
Eliza contouring her eyebrows at her desk as she does kegel exercises when Henry comes and pulls her ears buds out.

Episode 04 Nugget of Wisdom S01E04
I’ll Make Love to You – Boyz II Men
(Flashback) Charmonique & Mitchell dances at the high school dance in 1994; Mitchell reintroduces himself to Charmonique at the dance at the reunion, they dance together.
Real Love – Mary J. Blige
Charmonique tells off Mitchell then heads to dance and dances by joyously by herself.
Peaches – Bob Schneider
Montage of Henry trying to get Eliza to interact with world without contact through her social-media via. her phone.
Bar Bar Bar – Crayon Pop
Kevin turns on K-Pop music then he, Henry & Eliza start partying again; Eliza posts to her instagram.
Working for the Weekend (feat. John Cho & Brian Huskey) – Selfie Cast
In the elevator, Henry sings “Working for the Weekend” to bring attention to Eliza that the weekend his for working, Larry join in.
No Scrubs (feat. Karen Gillan & Da’Vine Joy Randolph) – Selfie Cast
Charmonique & Eliza sing and dance in Charmonique wig colosseum after find the perfect wig for Charmonique to wear.
Shine – Tim Oliver & Sean Allen
Henry sees Eliza’s instragram post on his phone; Eliza dances and records for her instragram feed as Kevin DJ’s when someone knocks at the door.

Episode 03 A Little Yelp From My Friends S01E03
Straight Up – Paula Abdul
Eliza & Joan dance in their dance class.
Everything’s Okay – Lenka
Eliza monologue as explains how she trying to make more of an effort to put down her phone as constantly on it; Eliza arrives at work and bumps into Henry.
Orange Sky – Alexi Murdoch
Eliza & Henry have lunch together in his office, she explain to him why she eats standing over a trash bin; Larry & Nancy make dinner plans.
Please Don’t Go – Double You
Larry & Nancy make dinner plans when Raj pops out for the flash mob, much to their horror.
Nuevos Tiempos – Pueblo Cafe
Eliza explains to Harry about when she ate joan’s lunch.

Episode 02 Un-Tag My Heart S01E02
Girls Chase Boys – Ingrid Michaelson
Eliza & Henry talk about her online haters.
Somebody Gon Get It (feat. T-Pain) – Timeflies
(Memory flash) Eliza & Freddy making out on the balcony of her apartment.
Sweet Pea – Amos Lee
Henry sits in car outside of Eliza’s apartment, he talks to her on the phone until she turns out her lights then pulls off.

Episode 01 Pilot S01E01
One – Aimee Mann
Eliza walks to the bath on the plane when her buff bags burst open.
Paper Planes – M.I.A.
Eliza walks back through the plane this time wearing dress made of in-flight blankets, her coworkers snaps camera photos of her.
Nobody Knows Me At All – The Weepies
Eliza sits in the bathtub drinking a ginger ale
Bad Romance (Allyn Rachel, Colleen Smith, Amanda Jane Cooper & Karen Gillan) – Selfie Cast
Bryn, Wren & Eyelet begin to sing as they give Eliza her “make-under,” Eliza also joins in.
Bad Romance (Orchestral version) – Symphonic Suite
Henry & Eliza arrive at the wedding their greeted by Mr. Saperstein & Ethan.
Iris – The Goo Goo Dolls
As Eliza listen’s to Maureen recite her wedding poem/vows she has a moment of clarity about herself.
Ugly Heart – G.R.L.
Next on/Season preview/re-cap.
Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely – Backstreet Boys
Eliza’s begging voice over as the writes in her diary about her former appearance and life.
You’re the One That I Want – Angus & Julia Stone

Songs from Selfie, by episodes

SELFIE SOUNDTRACK – Songs list from the TV Show

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