SONGS – BANSHEE (Season 1)

SONGS – BANSHEE (Season 1)

Episode 10 “A Mixture of Madness” s01e10
Monster – Meg Myers
End credits
Madonna – Jude
Montage in the aftermath of the shootout

Episode 9 “Always A Cowboy” s01e09
Why Me – Nils Lofgren
plays over credits
Pale Light – Dusted
When Hood is cleaning up and Anastasia is digging up the suitcase of guns and stuff

Episode 8 “We Shall Live Forever” s01e08

Episode 7 “Behold a Pale Rider” s01e07
The one you really love – Jude Christodal
end credits

Episode 6 “Wicks” s01e06
The Mark – Cold Specks
plays over credits

Episode 5 “The Kindred” s01e05
Black Tar – Anders Osborne
plays over end credits
Send Me A Friend – Anders Osborne
played at the beginning with the bikers as they rode into town

Episode 4 “Half Dead Is Better Than All Dead” s01e04
Walk Through the Fire – Mary Gauthier
End credits
Silvermine – Boo Boo Davis
blues track playing at the Forge with Lucas and Sugar

Episode 3 “Meet the New Boss” s01e03
Hold On You – Ponderosa
Starts after the epic fight with Sanchez
Dynamite and Whiskey – Fred Eaglesmith
Bar scene
Creatures – Feeding People
end credits

Episode 2 “The Rave” s01e02
We got to meet death one day – Luella and the Sun
end credits
So So Fresh – Nico Vega
blasting in Reed’s car as they drive

Episode 1 “Pilot” s01e01
Lost Army – DeLooze
Fifth of Whiskey – Verse and Bishop
Opening scenes

Banshee Songs, by episode


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  1. why i can’t find The one you really love – Jude Christodal..this song

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