Episode 12 “I’ll Lay My Monsters Down” s0612
My California – Beth Hart
End Song
So Long (As We Are Together) – Atticus Fetch (Tim Minchin)
3rd performance song by Atticus Fetch
Suffragette City – Steve Jones
The song is played when Atticus reaches the stage for the opening of his rock show.
True Blue – Rod Stewart
Hank and Lou Adler at bar
Step It and Fetch It – Tim Minchin
Atticus Fetch first performance song
Preggars & Poor – Tim Minchin
Atticus Fetch 2nd Performance Song
The Flame Still Burns (cover) – Tim Minchin
Atticus Fetch strums song on tour bus at night

Episode 11 “The Abby” s0611
Time To Move On (feat. Leslie Stevens) – Hi Ho Silver Oh
End of the episode.
Bossa For A Coup – Martin Strathausen
Swagger Vets & Double Moon – White Fence
Pinball Wizard – The Who

Episode 10 “Blind Faith” s0610
L.A. Song – Beth Hart
Faith and Hank driving to visit Faith’s parents.
Personal Jesus – Marilyn Manson
Faith in Church
Plastic Princess – Dave Tomlinson & Gary Jones
Faith and Hank play pool
Shopping At the Mall – Steven Michael Yeager
In the convenience store
Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix
At the end when the door closes, the guitar tunes

Episode 9 “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” s0609
Nothing Else Matters – Lissie
End song with Hank & Karen on the beach
Oklahoma – Rob Lowe
Eddie Nero played by Rob Lowe sings on camera
L.S.D. – The Pretty Things
Hank and Drug Dealer Talk at Party
Warrior Man – Dr. Dog
Party song
Bad Moves – Crock
Party song
A Ring On Every Finger – Liars
Party song
Sons Of Stone – The People’s Temple
Musical Chairs – Rumspringa
Action Woman – The Litter
Flight – Wooden Ships

Episode 8 “Everybody’s A F**king Critic” s06e08
Fever – The Blind Pets
For My Next Trick, I’ll Need a Volunteer – Warren Zevon
Rattle and Confuse Me – Shapes Have Fangs
What’s Your Story – The Soundtrack of Our Lives
Zombie Compromise – Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
Big Yellow Taxi – David Duchovny & Maggie Grace

Episode 7 “The Dope Show” s06e07
Wasted Years (Iron Maiden cover) – Ryan Adams
Final episode song.

Episode 6 “In the Clouds” s06e06
Magic Bus – The Who
The final scene with Hank and Faith making love.
Wanna Feel More (feat. Sketch Walton) – Noiseshaper
Strange Vacation – Quest For Fire
Be With You – Derek Ash
Tiny Dancer – Tim Minchin
So Long (As We Are Together) – Atticus Fetch (Tim Minchin)

Episode 5 “Rock And A Hard Place” s06e05
Strange Religion – Mark Lanegan
Ending scene (with Faith)
Funk 50 – Joe Walsh
Opening Song
Strange Vacation – Quest For Fire
Song not used in this episode
Is That Clear – Nick Waterhouse
Stu, Hank & Charlie at Malibar
Step N Fetch It – Tim Minchin
Tim Minchin sings line
Please Don’t Bother Me Anymore – Shin Joong Hyun
Song playing at drug dealers house
Candy – Pistol Star

Episode 4 “Hell Bent for Leather” s06e04
Carmalina – The Doughboys
You Got Another Thing Comin – The Hit Crew
Shiva’s Serpent – Hirt-Desomer
Speed On – Wolf
Trip Hop Tree – Mark D’Antonio
Toxic Heat – Lioness
Lies (Complusive Mix) – Ghost in the Machine
Blowing In The Wind – Bigg Mouth
There Is Love – Fort Atlantic

Episode 3 “Dead Rock Stars” s06e03
You Gotta Work It – Sauce Music
played in the men’s room with charlie and young gay
Shine a Light – The Rolling Stones
Song plays at the post funeral party
Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings – Father John Misty
Karen goes to Atticus Fetch house and finds Hank asleep with other left over people from the funeral party from the previous evening / End of episode

Episode 2 “Quitters” s06e02
Indian Love Call – Nick Waterhouse
Stu arrives at Marcy’s house
Like Yesterday – Monophonics
Marcy and Stu get stoned
The Big Idea – Black Books
End Song with Hank and Faith talking at rehab

Episode 1 “The Unforgiven” s06e01
You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory – Johnny Thunders
Opening scene flashback-Hank & Karen’s first meeting at CBGB’s in NYC.
Down PNX – White Fence
Hank & Charlie at Malibar
You’re Losin It – Suicide Celebrity
Hank & Becca at Malibar
Instant Karma! (We All Shine On) – John Lennon, Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band
End Song when Hank goes to rehab
Venetian Fog With Piano – Opus 1
Californication Songs, by episode

Californication Soundtrack. List of songs from Season 6


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  1. R says:

    Amazing Ryan Adams song at end of S6/Ep7

  2. travis says:

    what song was tim minchin playing on when the plane was going down?

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    what is the song in the S06E02 Promo??

  4. johnny says:

    what was the song at the end of episode 4 season 6

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