SONGS – GIRLS (Season 3)

SONGS – GIRLS HBO (Season 3)

Episode 12 “Two Plane Rides” s03e12
Good Girl Down – Michael Penn
the last song of the show, when Hamnah is looking at her letter and smiling. Plays over the credits
Do it yourself – Punch
When Shoshanna is throwing things around in her apartment

We Are Together – Planet Of Sound

Episode 11 “I Saw You” s03e11
Bad Girl (Part 1) – Lee Moses
Jessa dancing in her room
Detroit ’67 – Sam Roberts
when Hanna tells table of Adams theatre friends that she was fired from her job
None of Your Business – Salt-N-Pepa
End Credits
Lil Freckles – Dancin On The D

Episode 10 “Role-Play” s03e10
99 Red Balloons – Nena
Hannah hangs out at a bar with her her coworkers, she drinks, she’s kisses Kevin, and calls Adam several times.
I Don’t Wanna Break – Christina Perri
Hannah and Elijah set in bed eat and talking.
Baby It’s You – Smith
Hannah at the bar and in a blonde wig, she begins to role-play with Adam.
A Ballad – Randy Weston
Playing in the restaurant as Shoshanna & Dot have an intervention for Jasper & Jessa.
Blue Moon – Beck
song played during closing credits

Episode 09 “Flo” s03e09
Don’t Say – Hannah Cohen
Montage of Hannah and her aunts/ mom in various positions in hospital chairs throughout the night.
Let The Records Play – Pearl Jam
Hannah and Rachel talk about their lives and each other in the bar
Don’t Let Us Get Sick – Jill Sobule
End credits.

Episode 08 “Incidentals” s03e08
L8 CMMR – Lily Allen
Hannah goes shopping in the Meatpacking District after getting paid, she buys a dress.
Lightning – Air Waves
Hannah, Adam, Shoshanna, and Elijah set around Desi as he tells his story.
Roll On, John – Ebon Moss-Bachrach
Desi with his guitar sings the song for the gang, Hannah and Marnie exit the bathroom with Marnie and Elijah joining in.
Simplethings – Miguel
End credits.
Keep You – Wild Belle
Playing in the background as Marnie fawns over Desi.
Colors – The Pass
Big Talk – Conway

Episode 07 “Beach House” s03e07
How Are You Doing? – The Living Sisters
End credits
You’re Breaking My Heart – Harry Nilsson
Marnie talks to Elijah when Gerald starts to dance, Paul comes out and join the conversation. Later the girls with Gerald dance to the song for the others, then the others join into too.
House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls – The Weeknd
Everyone in the pool, Marnie calls over Hannah and asks her to ask the guys to leave instead Hannah invites them to dinner.
Halle Berry (She’s Fine) – Hurricane Chris feat. Suparstarr
Hannah is dancing on the deck and Marnie describes her dancing as “disgusting”.
I Don’t Owe You Anything – The Smiths
Hannah and Pal talk in the living room about what Elijah supposedly does all day.
I Just Want to Be Your Everything – Andy Gibb
Marnie and Elijah are talking in the kitchen while Marnie juliennes vegetables for a salad and the others pour drinks on the balcony.
Why – Mas Ysa
Marnie describes to Elijah how Charlie broke up with her.
Feelgood By Numbers – The Go! Team
First pool scene, in which the group jump in the pool simultaneously
Last Night The Dj Saved My Life – Indeep

Episode 06 “Free Snacks” s03e06
Stepping Stone – Duffy
Jessa sales clothes to costumer as Shoshanna walks to her about Ray.
Bad (ft. Tiara Thomas) – Wale
Shoshanna talks to Parker about their relationship as he tries to have sex with her.
Millions – Hannah Georgas
End credits.
Big Black Delta – Betamax

Episode 05 “Only Child” s03e05
Good Times – Matt Costa
End credits.
Boomerang – Lucy Schwartz
Ride With The Tide – Emilie Mover

Episode 04 “Dead Inside” s03e04
Bitter Rivals – Sleigh Bells
Opening credits of “Girls”; Marnie works out while listening to music.
There’s a Beast and We All Feed It – Jake Bugg
Lainey, Hannah and Laird dance and play around the graveyard.
Sugar Town – Nancy Sinatra
Closing scene as Hannah tells Adam the story and ending credits.
One Last – Avi Buffalo
Girls – Eleni Mandell

Episode 03 “She Said OK” s03e03
What I Am – Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
Marnie sings the song in a online video; she tries ferocious to get it taken down
I’d Rather Dance With You – Kings of Convenience
Ray talks to Kobi; Tad and Loreen dance together, Hannah and Adam watch them while talking about Lainey.
Someone Belongs Here – Emilyn Brodsky
Played live at Hannah’s birthday party, as Caroline attempts to dance with Ray.
E=MC2 – Jacuzzi Boys
Ray meets guy, “Kobe”, at the bar. Try to get bartender’s attention- no go. Kobe reaches down for a couple of Red Stripes. Kobe lets it drop he’s at the bar with Shoshanna.
Age of Consent – New Order
Adam tells Hannah promise Hannah to have fun, they dance together with her parents; Ray watches Shoshanna through the bar window, he goes out to talk to her.
Today – Smashing Pumpkins
Ray rocks out with himself until the song is abruptly changed.
Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO
Changed from “Today” by the Smashing Pumpkin’s; Ray angrily as questions the DJ why she changed the song; Ray questions David on why he had the song changed in the middle of the queue, they fight.
Take Me or Leave Me – Rent
Marine (happily) and Hannah (nervously) sings at Hannah’s birthday, they’re interrupted by the fight between David and Ray.
It’s My Birthday (Remix) – Zero DeZire
Ending credits
Rock & Roll – The Velvet Underground
Uknowhatiwant – Elektrisk Gønner
Paris – Lizzo
Free – Cat Power
Beaches and Friends – French Horn Rebellion vs Database
Mess Me Around – The Babies

Episode 02 “Truth or Dare” s03e02
One More Night – Maroon 5
Hannah and Shoshanna singing in the car along with the song as Adam drives; Shoshanna listens to the song on her iPod and sings the song out loud as they drive back home.
Completely Not Me – Jenny Lewis
Closing credits.

Episode 01 “Females Only” s03e01
Closing credits.

About the show: Created by and starring Lena Dunham (“Tiny Furniture”), the show is a comic look at the assorted humiliations and rare triumphs of a group of girls in their mid-20s. Dunham wrote and directed the pilot of the series, which she executive produces with Judd Apatow and Jenni Konner.  The cast also includes Jemima Kirke, Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet, Adam Driver and Alex Karpovsky.  Shot in New York, the 12-episode third season premieres in January 2014.

Girls HBO Songs, list by episode


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