Episode 12 Pawn s01e12
Hate Street Dialogue – Sixto Rodriguez
Briggs unearths Juan’s corpse
Devil’s Son Blues – Beans & Fatback
In background when Jangles tortures Briggs and Charlie.
Too Late – Permanent Collection
Bonfire Scene

Episode 11 Happy Endings s01e11
My Heart Would Know – Gossling
Opening scene
Heart Killer – Gossling
Briggs waking up
Violence – Carrollhood
Briggs leaves the house
Faust – Secret Colours
Jangles and Charlie dressing up

Episode 10 King’s Castle s01e10
All – The Howls
Briggs sitting on his surf board in the ocean
Out of Bad Luck – Magic Sam
Dale is at the bar talking to Derek.

Episode 09 Smoke Alarm s01e09
Raise It Up – Distant Cousins
When Mike is going for his morning run
Lose ‘Em In The Light – White Phosphorus
Mike driving in the car to Bella’s Safe House

Episode 08 Bag Man s01e08
Ahead – Messy Shelters
plays in the beginning of the episode right after Briggs wakes up

Episode 07 Goodbye High s01e07
Window Sill – Pickwick
Briggs becomes addicted to heroin
Bring My Heart Out – Arthur Alligood
Johnny talks to Charlie in the beginning.
Back to the beginning – Shane Burke
After they were sitting at a booth at The Drop , then as he walks up to Consandra’s door to knock , you hear a part of the song ” when something isn’t working ” ..

Episode 06 Hair of the Dog s01e06
MoneyGrabber – Fitz & The Tantrums
Playing in the background at the bar, when Mike and Paige are talking about Mike’s relationship with Abby.

Episode 05 O-Mouth s01e05
Break My Heart – Sara Jackson-Holman
Charlie and Briggs together in the couch talking about their past
Shoutalong – Man & Ghost
Johnny, Mike, and Paige playing ball on the beach
Holding On – Ian Franzino
Song at the end when Whistler is dying. –

Episode 04 Pizza Box s01e04
Trouble Town – Jake Bugg
Paige and Dale save Johnny from the psycho chick
Carrying the Torch – Generationals
Johnny and DJ driving out to the farm

Episode 03 Heat Run s01e03
Slipping Away – Barcelona
Mike on his laptop, doing a search on Briggs’ credit card

Episode 02 Guadalajara Dog s01e02
California Sunset – Poolside
Mike wakes up and takes a run.

Episode 01 Pilot s01e01
Welcome Home – Radical Face
Few days after briggs saved mike’s life cut scene where the cast is watching the news report
As Lies Go…This One Is Beautiful – Matt Pryor
When Mike is waiting at the air port.
Forever Wherever – Andrew Jed
After Mike and Charlie talk under the pier and Mike goes to surf again.
All of a Sudden – Telekinesis
Where Briggs, Johnny, and Mike start catching waves when they go out to surf
West Coast Blues – Ernest Lewis
Played from the boombox during the end scene on the beach
Me Gustas Tu – Manu Chao
For a brief moment after johnny picks up mike from the airport

Graceland Songs, list by episode


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