SONGS – LOST GIRL (Season 3)

SONGS – LOST GIRL (Season 3)

Episode 8 “Fae-ge Against the Machine” s03e08
Madhouse – Black Box Revelation
Dummy – The Angel/Devil

Episode 7 “There’s Bo Place Like Home” s03e07
Like an Animal – Sunparlour Players
Beginning: In the bar the (the song playing when Trick talks to Stella, a woman who helps Bo go through the dawning)
Lucky Lola – Derek and the Darling
Mid-Beginning: Bo & Kenzi (the song playing as the car goes past and Kenzi has her hands up)
On the Other Side – Hungrytown
Love and Other Disasters – Rebecca Hosking

Episode 6 “The Kenzi Scale” s03e06
Don’t Know Why – Dark Like Snow
bo and tamsin visiting a college group of girls for clues to where kenzi is
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine – Slavek Hanzlik

Episode 5 “Faes Wide Shut” s03e05
Cant Save Her – Chantal Claret
At the Dal, Bo and Lauren choose a woman for Bo to feed on.
Keep It Low – The Hundred In the Hands
Opening scene, Bo and Lauren at the Dal Riata.
Nymphs – Minuit
Bo feeds on the blonde.
Imperial – Trickbaby
Where bo and Kenzi enter the Sex Club first time
Orgotica – APM Music
Lauren walks down the stairs.

Episode 4 “Fae-de To Black” s03e04
Keep Me High – Adaline
Very first song of the episode – during Bo and Lauren’s love scene
They Clip the Wings of Birds – Lioness
Bo and Lauren say I love you and set ground rules towards the end of the episode.
Hand Print In Wet Cement – FemBots
Where Bo says i can use a Distraction at the bar. Dyson says i need you to pose as a therapist.
Here I Am – Ringer T
Tamsin with Bo and Dyson back at the Bar. Tamsin Says So we have a Dead Mermaid a dead TypeRope Walker and an almost Dead Super Hero
Deep Blue Calm – Sean Nimmons-Paterson
Emerald Beauty – Sean Nimmons-Paterson
Karma Breeze – Christopher George Bilton
Meditation Clouds – Christopher George Bilton
Ladies Of The Storm – Samantha Robichaud

Episode 3 “ConFaegion” s03e03
Haunt You – The Pack A.D.
opening scene with Bo and Kenzie fighting the huge guy
Don’t Cha – The Pussycat Dolls
When Bo dances on the bar, instead of counting 7 in French, because of the parasite.
Hungry Like the Wolf – Duran Duran
Dyson dances on Bo’s bed, in front of the girls, all three of them acting childish because of the parasite
Hell – FemBots
Were Vex is pouring out his heart to trick at the bar.Tricks got his ears Blocked.
Jackson’s Morning Brush – APM Music
Lost at Sea – FemBots
Nuclear (Instrumental Version) – Sunparlour Players
Having You Around – July Talk

Episode 2 “SubterrFaenean ” s03e02
Crazy World – In My Coma
gang goes to Nuit Sombre
Voices – In My Coma
Kenzi makes assurances that she will find out why people are disappearing
Around the Sun – 8mm
Bo & Lauren get it on
Movie Star – APM Music
Kenzi & Bo talk about the attack
Youth Knows No Pain – Lykke Li
Tamsin introduces herself to Dyson in the gym

Episode 1 “Caged Fae” s03e01
Poptimist – Metro Electro
guys try to get into the club
Dyin’ Today – Sunparlour Players
Dyson talks to Bo about her brushes with the law
Jack Walsh / Winnie Hayes – Pint Of Blarney
Trick tries to keep Kenzi from talking with Ash
The Crossing – APM Music
Kenzi gets med supplies from Dyson
Jailbait – Stink Mitt
Kenzi visits Bo in prison
Traveller’s Rest – APM Music
Kenzi & Trick get news on Sylvie’s baby
You Don’t Own the Road – The Kills
opening scene

Lost Girl Songs, by episode


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