Pretty Little Liars Soundtrack (Seaosn 4)
Songs from the TV Show Pretty Little Liars:

Episode 18 – Hot For Teacher s04e18
Spencer searches Ezra on the web & goes over clues.
I Am Dust – Gary Numan
Aria leaves to go buy chickpeas; Ezra takes the can of chickpeas out of the cupboard & goes down into his lair and logs into his computer.

Episode 17 – Bite Your Tongue s04e17
Nothin’ but Trouble – Lily Lane
Aria calls Ezra at the Brew.
See It for Yourself – Sugar & The Hi Lows
Hanna talks to Detective Holbrook at the Brew about the book he recommended.
Just Let Me Know – Eoghan Colgan
Aria is about to leave the Brew when she runs into Jesse & talks to him.
V for Vengeance – Uriah
Emily gets trapped in the school by -A; She calls her dad to come & get her.
City Inside Me – Chris Arena
Spencer reads Ali’s diary; She imagines Ali eating pie with “Board Shorts”/Ezra.
Cracks In The Sky – Bosshouse Music
The waitress gives Spencer the beer Ezra left behind.
Addicted to the Bad Boys – Elle
Spencer finds Ezra at the Hart & the Huntsman.

Episode 16 – Close Encounters s04e16
Operating – Hunter Hunted
Travis and Hanna play pool; He helps her with her form.
Little Bit – Hannah Miller
Travis & Hanna kiss; Emily gets ready to meet up with Alison.
Love Is Won – Lia Ices
Hanna is listening to music while she lays down on her bed.
Disconnect – Felicia Barton
Ashley takes Hanna to throw plates.
Cruel World – Jules Larson & AG
Hanna thanks her mom for bringing her to throw plates; Ashley goes to get more plates.
Satellite Call – Sara Bareilles
End of the episode: Toby tells Spencer he signed the papers; Hanna calls Caleb; Ezra & Aria eat cake; Jake is at the dojo working out.
Typical – Amy Stroup
Spencer watches Hanna clean out her closet.

Episode 15 – Love ShAck, Baby s04e15
Hear, Say, See – Kathryn Hallberg
Emily is at the Brew when she finds a note from Alison.
Surrender [Piano Version] – Digital Daggers
Emily is at the kissing rock to meet up with Alison.
Hide Away – Ben Rector
Hanna & Travis talk about Cece at the Brew.
All the Right Reasons – The Morse Codes
The girls are in the car when Aria reads about the “cradle robber” in Ali’s diary.
Lights On – Karmina
The girls are in the car when she reads about “Suzy Clueless” in Ali’s diary.
Satisfied – Karmina
Spencer confronts Mrs. DiLaurentis at the Brew.

Episode 14 – Who’s in the Box? s04e14
Things I’ll Later Lose – Lily & Madeleine
Aria & Ezra are talking about their relationship at the cabin.
Train – Chris Arena
Hanna & Caleb say goodbye to each other after they break up; He drives off to Ravenswood as he cries.
Building the Dream (Trailer Music) – Hollywood Film Music Orchestra
The black & white film daring the girls to find Ali plays.
Baby Don’t Stop – Madi Diaz
When Caleb and Hanna talk in the cafe after he first arrived.
Don’t Say Anything – Trent Dabbs
When Caleb arrives at the cafe and kiss Hanna
Surrender – Joshua James
Mona and Ezra having a conversation at a table in front of Lucky Leons Cupcakes

Episode 13 – Grave New World s04e13
Wolf Mother – The Mynabirds
The girls arrive at the graveyard for the founders’ day party.
Youth Knows No Pain – Lykke Li
The girls spot Luke at the party; Mrs. Grunwald warns Emily that she and the girls need to leave.
Disaster – The Mynabirds
Aria helps Leah out of the hole when Luke approaches them.
I Didn’t Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier – Morton Harvey
Playing on the phone in the phone booth when Hanna picks it up.
Bodies – The Duke Spirit
Miranda & Caleb arrive at the graveyard; Miranda goes off to her uncle’s house.
In Evangelium – The Hudson Chamber Ensemble
Flashback of Miranda & her uncle.

Episode 12 – Now You See Me, Now You Don’t s04e12
Yes It Do – Chris Arena
Toby’s looking through a box of things from his mom.
Shelter – The Strange Familiar
Paige & Emily are talking about Mona in her room.
This Isn’t Control – Ms Mr
Aria & Ezra are at the Brew talking; Montage of all the couples cuddling; Aria kisses Ezra while -A watches.
Cirque Du Soleil – Philip Hochstrate
The girls watch a magic show in Ravenswood.
Sweet Annabelle – Alice Morrison
The end of the episode: we see A in the gas mask suit.

Episode 11 – Bring Down the Hoe s04e11
Country Girl (Shake It for Me) – Luke Bryan
Everyone arrives to the hoe down; Travis asks Hanna for a dance & tells her he gave her the money.
Let Me Down Easy – Billy Currington
Hanna dances with Travis; Aria & Jake arrive; Emily, Toby & Spencer arrive to the dance & see Paige.
Pavement Ends – Little Big Town
Aria & Jake two step while Ezra watches; Hanna & Caleb talk.
Whenever You Come Around – Vince Gill
Spencer & Toby fight at the dance; He finds out she told the girls about his mother.
Dancin’ Away With My Heart – Lady Antebellum
Paige & Emily dance.
Come On Back – Amy Stroup
Flashback of Emily & Alison.
Which Way Did She Go – Drew Copeland
Hanna goes up to the guy who’s been following her and tells him to stop
Start Over Now – Lady Danville Feat. Jessica Freedman
Aria sees Ezra at the coffee shop
A Song In There Somewhere – Clay Rigdon
Jake talks to Ezra and tells him to stop following him and Aria around
Prettiest Girl At The Dance – Drew Copeland
Emily and Spencer talk about seeing Red Coat; Aria talks to Ezra about losing his son.
Midnight Again – Drew Copeland
Emily and Spencer look at the red coat; Spencer leaves to call Toby; Emily sees Paige across the room.

Episode 10 – The Mirror Has Three Faces s04e10
Where Will It Go – Shelly Fraley
Aria & Jake are having coffee outside the Brew; He invites her to his martial arts match.
Babyfish – Chris Arena
Toby is at the brew; He opens a package from -A containing sheet music.
Twenty Seven – Ms Mr
Hanna talks to Wren at the Brew about Cece & seeing Mona at the Radley.
You Know What I Mean – Cults
Aria & Jake are talking on a stoop after his match; They kiss.
In Every Dream Home a Heartache – Talk Normal
End of the episode: Emily & Mrs. DiLaurentis investigate the basement.

Episode 09 – Into the Deep s04e09
Break My Heart – DA & The Jones
Ezra talks with Maggie at the Brew when he spots Aria & Jake together.
The Rapture – The Pass
Jenna & Shana talk outside in the car; Spencer & Aria talk about Jake’s date; Jenna & Shana walk into the party.
I Love It (feat. Charli XCX) – Icona Pop
Aria tells Emily that Jenna is back.
Half the Time – Young Summer
Ashley and Pastor Ted are at the house; Hanna calls her dad to thank him for paying her mom’s bail.
Mind the Gap – Nabiha
Jake & Aria talk at Emily’s party; Paige and Emily talk outside.
All Our Love – Gentlemen Hall
Emily & Paige are at the dock talking about her injury.
It’s Okay – Coin
Jenna & Shana try to leave the party; Aria tries to talk to Jenna about Alison.
Believe In Me – Rooney
Aria & Spencer talk about Jenna losing her sight again; They ask Paige to re-invite Shana.
I Wanted to Be the Sun – Butterfly Boucher
Paige asks Aria if she’s seen Spencer; Paige asks Aria to help tell everyone to hide.
Flashlight – Gentlemen Hall
Aria & Emily look for Spencer outside; They both run into Jake.
Beautiful Moment (feat. Katie Herzig) – Tom Jordan
Aria & Spencer talk to Jenna & Shana at the party; They try to get Jenna & Shana to go outside.

Episode 08 – The Guilty Girl’s Handbook s04e08
In Case I Go Again – Mikey Wax
Zoe & Emily are talking at the Brew about volunteering for the summer again when Emily’s mom approaches them.
When We Fell – Hot as Sun
Zoe meets up with Emily at the Brew.
Be My Cure – The Rescues
Aria talks to Jake about Mike taking martial arts lessons.
Tiptoe Through the Tulips – Tiny Tim
Aria & Jake come across a commercial for “Insidious 2” while watching tv.
Bend Into the Break – Jules Larson & AG
Mona walks into Rosewood’s police department to talk about Wilden’s murder.
Bad Things – Meiko
End of the episode.

Episode 07 – Crash and Burn, Girl! s04e07
The Devil Takes Care of His Own – Band of Skulls
Caleb & Toby are looking at a board of -A clues.
Freight Train – Sara Jackson-Holman
Hanna is in her room preparing her mother’s outfit for the trial; Ezra approaches Aria while she waits outside Hackett’s office.
From the Sky – Peter Bradley Adams
Aria goes to see Ezra to thank him.
It All Comes Down To You – Tyler Blackburn
Hanna & Caleb talk on the phone.

Episode 06 – Under the Gun s04e06
We Need to Be Loved (Acoustic) – Anthony Starble
Anthony performs during open mic night while Aria, Spencer & Emily talk at the Brew.
Along You Came – Gentlemen Hall
Mona arrives at the Brew to confront Spencer about Toby taking the lair/RV.
Fever Dream – Young Summer
Aria, Spencer & Emily are at the Brew talking about Hanna & Shana; Aria goes to help Conner; Spencer apologizes to Emily.
All Fall Down feat. AG – Garrison Starr
Toby & Spencer drive to Ravenswood; Ezra asks Aria if she’s okay.
Partita No. 3 for Violin In E Major Bwv 1006 (from Sonatas & Partitas for Violin Bwv 1001-1006): Preludio – Helmuth Flattermann
Shana plays violin

Episode 05 – Gamma Zeta Die! s04e05
Prove – Karmina
Byron & Ella are talking at the Brew; He tells her to go to Vienna with Zack.
Trouble – Hands
Hanna leaves the sorority party to go bury the gun; Emily & Spencer go looking for her.
Blow Me (One Last Kiss) – P!nk
Emily talks to a sister about the Grunwells; Spencer shows everyone at the frat party pictures of Alison; Brendan offers to get Emily a drink; Hanna arrives at the party.
Would You – Sash Kuzma
Hanna shows Spencer the gun; Spencer goes looking for Emily.
Baby I Need You – The Manhattans
Spencer walks into a room that has the phone that plays the number Tippi gave them.
Moments Like This – Kai Brown
Emily is talking to Brendan about her school options; Spencer finally arrives.
Would You – Nadia Christine Duggin
Hanna shows Spencer the gun; Spencer goes looking for Emily.

Episode 04 – Face Time s04e04
These Days – Casey Hurt
Spencer & Aria are at the Brew talking about Jake & staking out Melissa.
Explaining To Do – Trent Dabbs
Spencer is at the Brew with her mom & Melissa; she tells them that she didn’t get into UPenn.
Weird Dream – Carina Round
Flashback of Alison demanding the money from Hector then leaves in a car.

Episode 03 – Cat’s Cradle s04e03
Out of My Head – Digital Daggers
Hanna is in her room listening to music while reading when her mom confronts her about spying on her.
Far From Yesterday – Amy Stroup
Beginning of the episode: The girls are at the Brew talking; Zack asks Ella to take a trip to Vienna with him.
Don’t Ever Want To Be Found – The Rubens
The girls are in Hector Lime’s house asking him about the Alison mask.
Trace Me Back – Trent Dabbs & Amy Stroup
Aria tells her mom that she should go on the trip with Zack.
Dry Bones – The Delta Rhythm Boys
End of the episode: -A flips through vinyl records.
Living Dead – Marina and the Diamonds

Episode 02 – Turn of the Shoe s04e02
Safer in the Dark – Adam Agin
Beginning of the episode: the girls are in the Grille talking about Alison while Spencer uses their food to figure out how the girls were saved.
The Great Escape – P!nk
Spencer opens her letter from UPenn and finds out that she didn’t get accepted.
Samba Quebrado – Allison Carvalho
Allison is having lunch with her mom at a restaurant
Oh Tomorrow – YEssian Music
Emily puts headphones to listen to music while her teammates talk about Stanford

Episode 01 – ‘A’ is for A-L-I-V-E s04e01
Kill of the Night – Gin Wigmore
Toby spies on the fire department at the remains of the lodge fire; The girls are at Mona’s lair getting answers from Mona about Halloween.
Whispers – Dave Baxter
Aria & Ezra run into each other at the Brew for the first time after their breakup; He tells her he got offered a permanent job at Rosewood High.
If I Lose Myself – OneRepublic
Paige & Emily talk about taking a road trip together & going to college in California; They tell each other that they love each other.
Hurricane – Ms Mr
The girls arrive at Wilden’s funeral & go searching for his casket.
The Devil Within – Digital Daggers
The girls meet Detective Holbrook; -A sends them all a text; -A places a Mona doll onto the shelf.

Pretty Little Liars Songs, list by episode


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