SONGS – REVENGE (Season 4)

REVENGE Soundtrack List (Season 4)

Episode 06 “Damage” s04e06
For You – Angus & Julia Stone
Emily watches David on the beach, she flash back to a memory of herself when she was younger with David at the beach.
Death Defying Acts – Angus & Julia Stone
Charlotte & Daniel makeup after tells she’s leaving for rehab then she tells her secret about Emily; Charlotte rides out of the city in a limo, she opens a letter and reads it.

Episode 05 “Repercussions” s04e05
Everybody’s Talkin’ – Harry Nilsson
Emily, Nolan & Jack hear music coming from the beach house, Emily goes to balcony to listen; Daniel listens the song on the porch as he flashes back to a memory of him and Amanda/Emily at the beach.
Fever Dream – Young Summer
Daniel walks into dress shop
Good Evening – The Concretes
Margot walks into bar to talk with Emily, song is playing in the background.

Episode 04 “Meteor” s04e04
All I Want – Sarah Blasko
Louise tries to seduce Daniel but rebuff her with trying to work; Louise asks Daniel to put suntan lotion of her back.
Blood Love – Young Summer
Daniel comes to see Margaux at her office, he confess to her about his living arrangement and money problems. Margaux then reveals to him that she already knows because of Victoria.

Episode 03 “Ashes” s04e03
Blood Love – Young Summer
Preview for episode 4

Episode 02 “Disclosure” s04e02
Up In Flames (feat. Maggie Eckford) – Sam Tinnesz
Charlotte attempts to burn down The Stowaway with Emily still inside.

Episode 01 “Renaissance” s04e01
Fancy (feat. Charli XCX) – Iggy Azalea
Emily picks up Nolan, they argue over who should drive when Emily accidentally hits another car.
The Heat – Jungle
Emily’s Memorial Day party begins; Emily talks to her special guest, Nancy.
Dangerous (feat. Joywave) – Big Data
Jennifer spots Nancy; Emily & Jennifer chat briefly; Emily & Margaux chat about the past and make up; Jack & Ben arrive to the party; Ben & Jack spot Charlotte & Gideon with party favours.
Tongues (feat. Kopps) – Joywave
Jack & Nolan talk about Jack & Ben busting Charlotte & Gideon with drugs; Nolan drops some subtle hints for Margaux about Gideon current state.

Cast: Madeleine Stowe, Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann, James Tupper, Henry Czerny, Ashley Madekwe

Revenge Songs, list by episode


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