SONGS – SUITS (Season 2)

SONGS – SUITS (Season 2)
Episode 12 “Blood in the Water” s02e12

Marathon – Heartless Bastards
When Harvey tears Louis’s resignation letter at the end of the episode.
Tagalong – Hit Back
Mike convinces Jimmy to recommend Harold at his firm.

Episode 11 “Blind-Sided” s02e11

Fiction – The XX
When Harvey is Yelling at Mike to get his Shit Together Towards the End of the Episode.
Seer – Motopony
Opening scene of the episode. (After the “previously on Suits..”)

Episode 10 “High Noon” s02e10

Bright Lights – Gary Clark Jr.
When Harvey tells Mike to go home; Mike does then smokes some weed
Shot Shot – Gomez
Harvey and Tanner boxing
Dance Yrself Clean – LCD Soundsystem
Harvey and Mike go to firm; Harvey tells Mike that he’ll get the can opener
Truth – Alexander
Harvey arrived Mike’s home
Armageddon Dance – Nash
Harvey and Mike are getting high

Episode 09 “Asterisk” s02e09

Normal Song – Perfume Genius
Rachel tells Mike his grandmother has passed away.
Disco Inferno – The Trammps
Louis dancing in to the office.
The Art of Tuning Out – Animal Kingdom
add scene description
Without You – Junip
Song playing while Harvey is riding the train to go visit his father’s grave.

Episode 08 “Rewind” s02e08

Without You – Junip
The first time Harvey is on the train.
Wish You Were Here – Lee Fields & The Expressions
Harvey visits his father’s grave; final montage.
The Hop – Radio Citizen featuring Bajka
Flashback: Donna tells Harvey that Jessica is coming down; Trevor stops by Mike’s.
Thursday – Asobi Seksu
Mike show off his memory in front of Jenny and Trevor in a bar.
Afternoon – Hit Back
Harvey first walks through gates at cemetery

Episode 07 “Sucker Punch” s02e07

Paddling Out – Miike Snow
City flyover; Harvey playing pool billards with Zoe
Piece of Mind – Selah Sue
Harvey boxing, Tanner walks in, offers settlement
That Home – The Cinematic Orchestra
When Donna got fired.

Episode 06 “All In” s02e06

Gold On the Ceiling – The Black Keys
Harvey and Mike leave the limo and enter the casino
Fitzpleasure – Alt-J
Rachel is talking to Louis in is office about the ballet..its also playing in the beginning of the ballet lobby
Pa’ Bailar (Instrumental Album Version) – Bajofondo
first scene with Rachel and Louis, in the ballet lobby
Clip – Tumbler
When Harvey tells Louis that he owes him one

Episode 05 “Break Point” s02e05

Blood Pressure – Mutemath
Beginning of the episode.
That Home – The Cinematic Orchestra
End of the episode.

Episode 04 “Discovery” s02e04

Rubberband Man – The Spinners
Harvey hands Mike off to Louis
Got to Have Rock and Roll – Heartless Bastards
Rachel, Harold and the stapler request.

Episode 03 “Meet the New Boss” s02e03

4 o’clock (in the morning) (DJs@Work RMX) – Lazard

Episode 02 “The Choice” s02e02

Time Go – Caught A Ghost
This song was at the end of episode where Mike was watching Rachel at the elevator.
Want for anything – Ernest Ellis
opening scene music
There She Goes – Nash
Mike was watching Rachel before he kissed her
Intro – The XX
Mike and Rachel talk before she gets in the cab

Episode 01 “She Knows” s02e01

Smoke and Mirrors – Gotye
Opening and when mike finds out jessica knows
Chapel Song – We Are Augustines
end of episode
Greenback Boogie – Ima Robot
Theme song
Aint Nuthin’ – Danny Lütz
Mike getting off the elevator with his headphones in, dancing….

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