Supernatural Soundtrack (Season 9)
Songs from the TV Show Supernatural:
Episode 23 – “Do You Believe in Miracles” s09e23
Carry On Wayward Son – Kansas
“The Road so Far” montage at the beginning of the episode.
Can’t Find My Way Home – Eric Clapton
Cas is told that he needs to replenish his grace; Sam watches over Dean’s body, then starts to summon Crowley.

Episode 22 – “Stairway to Heaven” s09e22
Cheek to Cheek – Fred Astaire
Cas & Sam enter the door to “Heaven”.

Episode 21 – “King of the Damned” s09e21
You, Me, And A Bottle Of Whiskey – The Temporary Thing
At a bar, a follower of Metatron brags about his position in Metatron’s army.
Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major, K. 300i: III. Rondo Alla Turca – Allegretto – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Crowley picks up his phone while a hellhound, Juliet, attacks Dean and Sam.

Episode 20 – “Bloodlines” s09e20
Somehow – Caught A Ghost
Ennis begins his date with Tamara; Ennis sees a strange reflection in the mirror at a restaurant.
Little Black Submarines – The Black Keys
Ennis takes then train home, at home searches through his father’s thing, he digs out his father’s service revolver.
Looking Glass / Pettibon – ERAAS
Sal & Marv head into a club at the back of the restaurant.

Episode 19 – “Alex Annie Alexis Ann” s09e19
If You Wanna Get to Heaven – The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
(Flashback) Alex lures a guy back to the vampire nest.

Episode 18 – “Meta Fiction” s09e18
Fanfare Rondeau – Jean-Joseph Mouret
Metatron types, then talks about stories; (repeats) Castiel ends up tied up in Metatron’s office.
The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine (Anymore) – Frankie Valli
The guys drive off; Cas rips down his research wall; Metatron continues typing his story; Cas finds a bunch of his followers waiting outside his hotel room.

Episode 17 – “Mother’s Little Helper” s09e17
It’s Not Too Late – The Bughouse 5
Sam grabs food at a diner as Billy enters and starts shoveling food into his mouth, he then acts disrespectful to both a waitress and Sam.
You’re No Good – Linda Ronstadt
Crowley asks Dean why he’s not treating the Mark of Cain as a gift.
Love, Dance, And Sing – Electric Banana
Dean hangs out at a bar when Sam phones to give him an update the case.
Plastic Princess – Extreme Music
Dean racks up a pool table as Crowley questions his commitment to their deal and his feeling about the First Blade
Grey Skies – Electric Banana
Dean stops another hunter, Jake, from going after Crowley in the men’s room.

Episode 16 – “Blade Runners” s09e16
Heroin – The Velvet Underground & Nico
Crowley kills Lola for betraying him to Abaddon, then shots himself up with human blood.

Episode 15 – “#THINMAN” s09e15
This House Is A Hotel – The Wind + The Wave
A girl fools around in her room, she takes a selfie, then notices someone in her room.

Episode 14 – “Captives” s09e14
Lonely Is the Night – Billy Squier

Episode 13 – “The Purge” s09e13
Up Where We Belong – Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes
A woman listens to music on her headphones in the gym as she works out just before she’s attacked.

Episode 12 – “Sharp Teeth” s09e12
Bringing In the Sheaves – The Mills Brothers
As Dean is invited by Garth’s mother-in-law the choir practices the song in the background.

Episode 11 – “First Born” s09e11
Just Another Night – Ian Hunter
Crowley shows up in the bar next to Dean, they talk about destroying Abaddon.

Episode 10 – “Road Trip” s09e10
The Famous Final Scene – Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
the first song played in this episode, plays over Dean’s opening montage
The Royal Scene – Dude Royal
Plays as Dean, Crowley and Cas drive off in the pimpmobile.

Episode 09 – “Holy Terror” s09e09
Bad Luck – Social Distortion
plays in the bar during the angel battle between the bikers and the Melody Ministry Glee Club
This Little Light of Mine – Gospel Dream

Episode 08 – “Rock and a Hard Place” s09e08
Hurt – Johnny Cash

Episode 07 – “Bad Boys” s09e07
Ave Maria – Maria Ferrante
plays on the radio as Ruth is being killed.
Stone In Love – Journey
plays when young Dean and Robin are making out.
Americana – Jay Gruska
plays in the last scene when the young Dean look through the window to see sammy and his father. The violin song

Episode 06 – “Heaven Can’t Wait” s09e06
Theme from “Greatest American Hero” (Believe It or Not) – Joey Scarbury
Sung by Castiel to the baby.

Episode 05 – “Dog Dean Afternoon” s09e05
I Want to Know What Love Is – Foreigner
Playing in the background on the radio while Dean and Sam try to communicate with the dog.

Episode 04 – “Slumber Party” s09e04
Over the Rainbow – Judy Garland
Whistled in a tune by Crowley.
For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) – AC/DC
Plays as Charlie and Dorothy enter Oz.

Episode 03 – “I’m No Angel” s09e03
I’m No Angel – Gregg Allman

Episode 02 – “Devil May Care” s09e02
Rockin’ Down The Highway – The Doobie Brothers
when the guy/demon kills the girl in the van

Episode 01 – “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here” s09e01
Who do You Love – George Thorogood & The Destroyers
opening montage / recap song

The thrilling and terrifying journey of the Winchester Brothers continues with the ninth season of “Supernatural” on The CW.
Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) have spent the last eight years battling the things that go bump in the night. Over the years, with the help of the fallen angel Castiel (Misha Collins), and the King of Hell, Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard), the Winchesters have straddled the line between good and evil.
Last season, the boys faced their most important mission yet: close the gates of Hell once and for all. With the help of the prophet Kevin Tran (Osric Chau), Sam and Dean set forth to perform the Trials required to close the gates. While the boys worked to shut Crowley and his minions down for good, a new threat to his reign emerged: the Knight of Hell, Abaddon (Alaina Huffman). As the struggle for Hell’s command began, Castiel set about his own set of Trials. With the aid of God’s scribe Metatron (Curtis Armstrong), Cass went on a mission to close the Gates of Heaven. However, he found out too late that the Scribe had nefarious intentions, and Cass paid the price. His Grace forcibly removed, Castiel watched as Metatron’s machinations came to fruition – and the angels of Heaven fell.
Season Nine begins with the fallout from the angels’ descent to Earth. Sam and Dean are faced with a world inhabited by thousands of powerful beings who immediately begin to form their own agendas. Before they can tackle the threat of the “loose nukes” roaming the countryside, Sam and Dean must face their most personal battle yet. Meanwhile, Castiel awakes to find himself more vulnerable than he’s ever been. As the threat of the angels escalates, the boys are tasked with finding a way to reopen the gates of Heaven and send the Host packing. But a dark secret hangs over Dean’s head – has he finally crossed the line to protect his family?
From Warner Bros. Television in association with Wonderland Sound and Vision, with executive producers McG (“Charlie’s Angels,” “The O.C.”), Robert Singer (“Midnight Caller”), Jeremy Carver (“Being Human”), Phil Sgriccia and Adam Glass. (CWTV)

Supernatural (Season 9) Songs, by episode

List of songs from Supernatural Soundtrack (Season 9)

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