Episode 03 “Killer Barbecue” s04e03
Lonesome Road – Big Jack Johnson & The Oilers
Oh Baby – Big Jack Johnson, Kim Wilson & Pinetop Perkins
You Can Take Away My Woman (but Please Don’t Take Away My Wine) – Mark Cook

Episode 02 “Shot Girls” s04e02
Where I Belong – The Strange Familiar
End scene
Back to the Stars (Where I Belong) – Katherine Crumpler
I Like Girls – Preach Ankobia
Fist Pump – HardNox
Let Me See That (Tramp Stamp) – OOh Boi
Runnin Out – P-Dub
System Overload – Pjayz
Isolte – Los Dos

Episode 01 “Yankee Dan” s04e01
Jaguar – Antifaz
Opening scene
I Believe In You – Lindsey Harper
End scene/Credits. Callie says “Yes” to Jim.

About The Glades:
It’s Season 4 of the hit A&E original scripted drama series The Glades, starring Matt Passmore, Kiele Sanchez, Carlos Gomez, and Michelle Hurd.
Passmore stars as Jim Longworth, an attractive and brilliant Chicago homicide detective with a reputation for being difficult. When his captain wrongfully accuses him of sleeping with his wife and shoots him, he is exiled and forced to relocate. He lands in the sleepy, middle-of-nowhere town of Palm Glade, outside of the Florida Everglades, where sunshine and golf are plentiful and crime is seemingly at a minimum. But Longworth soon finds out this town isn’t quite as idyllic as he originally thought, when murders keep piling up. Each case pulls Longworth off the golf course and reluctantly into his element as one of the sharpest homicide detectives to wear a badge.
Season 4 is packed with even more mystery, intrigue, and fun. From haunted plantations to rum-soaked shot girls and even a zombie apocalypse, Longworth is once again solving murders that can only happen in the Sunshine State. This season also promises more drama on the personal front for Longworth, Carlos (Gomez), Manus (Hurd), and Daniel (Jordan Wall) as friends and relatives from near and far arrive on the scene. But the big question remains to be answered as Longworth waits for Callie (Sanchez) to accept his marriage proposal, or not.

The Glades Songs, list by episode


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