Episode 10 “To Lie For” s02e10
Shooting the Moon – Mona
Thayer goes for a run to blow off some steam
Madness in the Air (feat. Valentina Mitzkat) – Friends of Desire
Sutton aggressively plays tennis
The Lion the Beast the Beat – Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
Thayer loses control after Emma tells him she still has feelings for Ethan
Breezin’ On the Town – Earl Rose
Everyone gets together for Theresa’s memorial
DC Dreams – Earl Rose
Dan thanks all the guests for honoring Theresa

Episode 9 “The Grave Truth” s02e09
This Changes Everything – J. Lauren
Played when Laurel, Sutton, and Emma talk about Rebecca in the cabin

Episode 8 “Bride and Go Seek” s02e08
Trumpet Voluntary – APM Music Library
Dan waits for Theresa at the church
Fallen – Meme
Alec and Kristin meet in the bar to talk
Wild Blood – Lovedrug
Sutton shows up at Ethan’s trailer
The Sun – The Naked and Famous
Thayer goes for a run to burn off some steam

Episode 7 “Regrets Only” s02e07
Anymore of This – Mindy Smith & Matthew Perryman Jones
Beginning of the episode. When Emma wakes up next to Thayer, Ethan and Mads wake up by the pool
Don’t Stay Low – The Good Mad
Played when Laurel sings at Theresa and Dan’s pre-wedding party
Soon – Peter Black
Theresa tells Dan she found flowers on Derek’s grave
Paradise – Elizabeth Brown
Played when Sutton and Rebecca talk
Paradise – Meme
Played when Emma & Thayer are talking and eating ice cream

Episode 6 “Catch Her In The Lie” s02e06
All of Your Heart – FM Radio
Ted and Rebecca out on the golf course
Last Kiss – Taylor Swift
Emma and Thayer in his motel room
You and Me – Ben Rector
Ethan and Emma dancing together at the Flipside Formal
We Lost Magic – Empires

Episode 5 “Much Ado About Everything” s02e05
Honest Feedback – Saint Motel
Song played when Emma and Thayer hang out at Thayer’s place in Santa Monica. They come up with a plan to find out what Sutton is hiding.
Have U Found What’s Wrong With Me Yet – Jacqui Sandell
Song played when Dan proposes to Theresa, she accepts.
Simple Things – New Cassettes
Song played when Sutton tells Alec that Kristin used to be in love with him
Naturally – Middle Distance Runner
Song played when Mads and Jordan talk by the pool. She tells him that their relationship isn’t going to work, but then he leans in and kisses her to prove her wrong.
Villa Loca – Made Up Music/5Alarm Music Library
Song played when Alec talks to Dan at his engagement party. Sutton stands nearby to listen.
Don’t Forget That You Love Me – Sunny Side Up
Song played when Dan and Theresa talk about Alec’s proposition. Dan tells Theresa he doesn’t want to lose her again.
Something Incredible – Alex Petrounov
Song played when Mads and Jordan hang out in his car. Dan tells them to leave.

Episode 4 “A Kiss Before Lying” s02e04
Trouble’s Where I Like to Be – Michael Sackler-Berner
Mads watching Jordan get out of the pool
Caught By The River – Doves
Emma and Sutton speak to each other on the phone. Laurel comes to Sutton for advice about seeing Jordan kissing Mads
U Don’t Need Wings 2 Fly – The Distortoblues
Pieces – Kaliyo
Hurricane – Ms Mr

Episode 3 “Advantage Sutton” s02e03
The Mirror of the Signs – Bush
Played when Ethan and Sutton have some fun in the cabin.
Come On Now – Miss Amani
Mads, Laurel, and Jordan go to a club together. Laurel tries to figure out if Jordan likes her.
Every Little Thing – Soft Swells
Ethan passes his test and Thayer walks in on Emma hugging Ethan.
You’re The Only One For Me – The Reveal
Jordan asks Ethan what his deal is with Sutton.
It Goes Off – Skybombers
Played when Sutton and Emma play tennis to see who will get to play at Regionals, and whoever loses will be confined to the cabin.
On The Streets Danny and The Champions Of The World
Dan asks Ethan if he plagiarized.
Over and Over – Monsters Are Waiting
Laurel and Mads spy on Emma and Thayer.
Say Oh! – Night Fevers
Laurel asks Jordan out.
Make a Deal – Two Hours Traffic
Rebecca is concerned about Mads and talks to her at the Chelsea Creek Café.

Episode 2 “Cheat, Play, Love” s02e02
Song for You – Jesse Thomas
Thayer and emma are talking and then they kiss
Sail On – The Good Mad
In Jordan’s party.
Spiderwebs – Lelia Broussard
I Feel Naked Without My Cellphone – Two Hours Traffic
Heart and Arrow – Danny and The Champions Of The World
Love Is Everywhere – Sarah Sharp

Episode 1 “The Revengers” s02e01
Free Free – Michele Jusko
Rebecca and Sutton float in the pool.
Naïve – The Young Romans
Mads and Ethan run into each other at the Chelsea Creek Music Festival.
Hang On (feat. Ernie Halter) – Kari Kimmel
Mads goes to the cabin to talk to Sutton.
Fallen – Twirl
Sutton and Rebecca do their nails and scheme against Ted and Kristen.
Dyin’ 4 ‘U – The Distortoblues
Sutton and Ethan go on a motorcycle ride.
Don’t Stop Again – tyler
Ethan and Sutton talk in the cabin.
In The Grey – The Good Mad
Laurel and her band play at the Chelsea Creek Festival

The Lying Game Songs, by episode


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