Episode 15 “The Final Chapter” s01e15
Snare, Girl – Sonic Youth
The song Ryan puts on just before his food order comes. End on this episode

Episode 14 “The End is Near” s01e14

Episode 13 “Havenport” s01e13
Past Mistake – Tricky
Song played when Clair stabs Joe

Episode 12 “The Curse” s01e12
All right – Christopher Cross
played on the radio in the car before young Ryan changes the station
Hooray for Love – Sarah Jaffe
Ending scene

Episode 11 “Whips and Regret” s01e11
Murderous – Nitzer Ebb
Invisible Man – Theory Of A Deadman
Vince enters Whips and Regret.
When Under Ether – PJ Harvey
Played at the end of the episode when Joe is watching a video on his computer and when Ryan comes home to his apartment to find his neighbor Molly in his kitchen.

Episode 10 “Guilt” s01e10
I Can Change – LCD Soundsystem
Azan – Losers
End of the episode.

Episode 9 “Love Hurts” s01e09
New Noise – Refused
Take Care of My Baby – Dum Dum Girls
This Is My Rifle – Combichrist
Big Day – Puracane
Violet’s in a Pool – Tamaryn

End of the episode.

Episode 8 “Welcome Home” s01e08
How the Gods Kill – Danzig
End of the episode

Episode 7 “Let Me Go” s01e07
If I Had A Heart – Fever Ray
End scene Joey meets his dad.

Episode 6 “The Fall” s01e06
Butterfly (feat. Mimi Page) – Bassnectar
played at the end of episode.

Episode 5 “The Siege” s01e05
Para la Habana – Johannes Linstead

Episode 4 “Mad Love” s01e04
Silver Shrooms – Farflung
Paul enters the bathroom while Emma is cleaning herself
Fade Into You (feat. Steffaloo) – Stumbleine
End of the episode.
Don Abandons Alice – John Murphy
Sugar – Garbage

Episode 3 “The Poet’s Fire” s01e03
The Killing Moon – (The) Silent Days
during flashback of kissing on the couch
Cover My Face – Miranda Sex Garden
End of the episode.
Theme from “Greatest American Hero” (Believe It or Not) – Joey Scarbury

Episode 2 “Chapter Two” s01e02
Angel – Sepultura
Played at the end of episode
Change (in the House of Flies) – Deftones
Emma stabbing her mother.
Close to Nowhere – Band of Skulls
The first kiss of Ryan and Clair

Episode 1 “Pilot” s01e01
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Marilyn Manson
Closing scene.
Sweet Dreams (Of You) – Patsy Cline & The Jordanaires
Opening scene.
The Following TV Songs, by episode



  1. Where can I get the song by Jude Christodal ,”The one you really love”, used in the credits at the end of episode 7 series 1?


  2. What’s the name of that song in episode 3, in the flashback when Emma put Paul and Jacob to kiss?

    I’m not talking about “The Killing Moon” because that played during the second kiss flashback, I mean the first flashback

  3. The only song I can find called “Don Abandons Alice” is by Disgroove, not John Murphy.

  4. What is the song in Episode 6 10 min approximately when FBI arrives to the house? Just after the scene of Ryan Hardy electroshocked.

  5. what is the song called at the end of episode 4 ?

  6. what is the song playing at the end of the episode when emma and the guy are in bed

  7. Found it. The cover of The Killing Moon is by (The) Silent Days.

  8. The Killing Moon is definitely not the original version by Echo & the Bunnymen. Don’t know who it is but it’s 100% a cover.

  9. The song from the second episode of The Following which is listed as being by the band Sepultura is incorrect. The artist who performs Angel is Massive Attack from their album Mezzanine.

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