Those Who Kill (Season 1) Soundtrack
Songs from the TV Show Those Who Kill:

Episode 05 “Souvenirs” s01e05

Episode 04 “Sunday” s01e04
Monday, Monday – The Mamas & The Papas
Plays after killer jumps to death and screen flashes ‘Monday’.
Sunday – Moby

Episode 03 “Rocking The Boat” s01e03
Tessellate – Alt-J
Thomas walks into the river.
Into Eternity – Mix – Farah
shows the killer burning her last victim
Running From the Sun – Chromatics

Episode 02 “The Way Home” s01e02
Gypsy Death and You – The Kills
Love Is Colder Than Death – Dean Wareham
Broken Bones – Anti-Flag

Episode 01 “Pilot” s01e01
Kissy Kissy – The Kills
Opening scene
The River – Chromatics
Catherine and Thomas talk in her apartment
Rise to the Top – Elize
When visiting the house where the girl was killed and Thomas starts listening to her ipod so that he can “get inside her head”

“Those Who Kill,” LMN’s thrilling new drama based on the Danish crime series format inspired by the bestselling work of author Elsebeth Egholm, follows Catherine Jensen (Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe-winning actress Chloë Sevigny) a recently promoted homicide detective who tracks down serial killers and relentlessly seeks the truth behind the disappearance of her brother. The series also stars James D’Arcy as forensic psychologist, Thomas Schaeffer, who works with Catherine on investigations.
As a freshly minted homicide detective, Jensen has garnered a reputation for overstepping her boundaries in her unrelenting pursuit to solve Pittsburgh’s most gruesome murders. Motivated by her past, including the disappearance of her brother and the suspicion that her stepfather is a serial killer, she often finds herself emotionally connected to the victims she’s investigating. Jensen enlists the help of Thomas Schaeffer, (James D’Arcy), a forensic psychologist who has a tumultuous relationship with the police department, to provide insight into her cases and her personal investigation into her stepfather. He too finds himself deeply connected to each case, but often through the killer, which proves to be a hazardous undertaking. The pair shares a skewed sense of judgment that often puts them, and sometimes even their families, at risk. As these two captivating yet flawed characters come together, their bond often rescues them from their individual demons but may be the source of more harmful tribulations. (A&E)

Those Who Kill (Season 1) songs, by episode

Songs from the TV Show Those Who Kill Soundtrack (Season 1)

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