The Blacklist Soundtrack
Songs from the TV Show The Blacklist (Season 2):

Episode 209 “Quon Zhang” s02e20
How Are You Supposed To Know – Don Brownrigg
Liz cries in her car; Harold watches as Tom Connelly is sworn in; Red tries to call Liz; Karakurt is welcomed to the United States; Liz goes to Tom for comfort.
Big Spender – Peggy Lee
Red tells Dembe of his plan to find Jasper.

Episode 19 “Leonard Caul” s02e19
Save Me – Hanni El Khatib
Montage of the medical teal begin preparations to save Red; The Director is updated on Red’s situation; Leonard tracks Red & Liz’s escape via traffic camera footage.
Exxus – Glass Animals
Liz calls Tom to warn him that the building is surrounded, then she updates Harold; The Director confirms that he wants Red eliminated.

Episode 18 “Vanessa Cruz” s02e18
Drink You Sober – Bitter:Sweet
Vanessa dominates as a dominatrix while working on her next frame job.

Episode 17 “The Longevity Initiative” s02e17
Baby That’s Not All – Josh Ritter
Ressler surprises Liz with takeout dinner in her office; Red looks through old photographs of Liz; Tom burns his passport; Liz arrive home to find Tom waiting for her there.

Episode 16 “The Major” s02e16
Always Gold – Radical Face
Liz’s case is dismissed and informed about Tom Keen; Harold & Connelly discuss the task force and Liz; Liz is informed about Ames’ daughter account; Red warns Liz about Ames’ daughter; Tom calls Liz.
Howlin’ for You – The Black Keys
Red is talking with Ressler about Tom Keen; Tom is working out

Episode 15 “The Major” s02e15
Von dr Alb ra (feat. Moggi) – Rock und Rollinger
Beginning of episode when Tom is in the bar in Germany.
Jungle – X Ambassadors
Past Blacklisters Flashback

Episode 14 “T. Earl King VI” s02e14
Major Tom (Voellig Losgeloest) – Peter Schilling
Tom prepares for his next assignment.
String Quartet No. 13 IN B Flat Major, Op. 130 – IV. Alla Danza Tedesca (Allegro Assai) – Ludwig van Beethoven
Liz mingles at the auction then stops to admire a Van Gogh painting; Red saves Liz when she can’t answer a question about Princeton by answering for her.
Spring (Among the Living) – My Morning Jacket
The FBI raid the auction; Red tells Liz to never risk her life for him ever again.

Episode 13 “The Deer Hunter” s02e13
Happy Together – The Turtles
When Agents Keen and Ressler arrive at a suspect’s house, Agent Keen goes around back to look for any suspicious activity, where she tracks down a potential suspect
Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene – Hozier
Aram tells Dembe that he had tracked down the phone number that Reddington had requested. Reddington and Dembe go to that address finding a phone.
Dream a Little Dream of Me – Mama Cass
Tracy tells her pets that she had to kill the men.

Episode 12 “The Kenyon Family” s02e12
Beyond the Sea – Bobby Darin
Harold is informed that he’s been accepted into the medical trial; Dembe gives Red a phone number that he traced from the safe.
Down to the River to Pray (arr. Philip Lawson) – Pacific Boychoir Academy & Kevin Fox
Agent Navabi talks a boy down from detonating a car bomb; Ressler and Keen discover a mass murder scene in the Kenyons’ worship hall.

Episode 11 “Ruslan Denisov” s02e11
Want You – Vika
Ressler & Red discuss the current situation with Denisov.
Every Step – Mavis Staples
Red leaves a crated Denisov with General Kushan; Liz watches the news then goes to confront Red about his manipulation of the situation; Aram tells Liz about what he discovered about the device.

Episode 10 “Luther Braxton: Conclusion” s02e10
Baptisms – Radical Face
Goodson does a media outlet about the prison breach; Red has a drink while he watches the news story; Liz is told that someone else has looked into her memories before.

Episode 09 “Luther Braxton” s02e09
Blood On My Name – The Brothers Bright
Liz is taken to Braxton then is told she blew up the servers; Red arms up to go after Liz; Braxton orders that the helicopter to be readied; Red rescues Liz.
Magic Bus – The Who
The news broadcast footage of Red’s capture.
Blood On My Name – The Brothers Bright
Red finally comes face to face with Braxton

Episode 08 “The Decembrist” s02e08
Great Sky – Other Lives
Liz tells Red she couldn’t kill Tom; Red pays off Tom then warns him to never see Liz again. Plays at the end of the episode

Episode 07 “The Scimitar” s02e07
Bleeding Muddy Water – Mark Lanegan Band
Liz & Samar look at Hassan’s body; Ressler washes pills down the drain; Liz tells Tom that Volkov supplied them with a location for Berlin; Red meets up with Berlin.
String Quartet in A Minor, Op. 29: IV. Allegro Moderato – Jonathan Carney & the Royal Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble
Hassan is getting his massage while Red hits golf balls at his house.

Episode 06 “Mombasa Cartel” s02e06
Run from Me – Timber Timbre
Matthew, a taxidermist works on his newest work; (repeats) Rosemary tries to convince Matthew to listen to a different song during his bath; Ressler wakes up in a cage, then is release for the hunt.
Drifting Home to You – Jody Brian Quartet
Ressler comes across some campfire with two taxidermied men.
Bang Bang (feat. Warrior Queen) – Poirier
A guy masquerading as a room service attendant kills Joseph Batouala.
Proud As We Are – Daniel Martin Moore
Harold is given info on the Mombasa Cartel; Liz examines Rosemary’s cabin, she finds Ressler’s pill bottle; Red talks with his daughter; Liz gives back Ressler’s pills as Samar watches them from afar.
Run From Me – Timber Timbre
(Played second time) Rosemary pours a bath; (continues) An injured Matthew returns to his mother as the FBI storms in

Episode 05 “The Front” s02e05
You Were Born – Cloud Cult
Red plays music for Liz; Red watches an old family movie; Ressler updates Harold of the curing process; Liz looks at a newborn at the hospital; Red watches his daughter as she works on a food truck.
The Seventh Seal – Scott Walker
A man hangs the stolen art print on a wall and starts to photograph a map visible only under black light.
Go It Alone – Beck
Liz’s double puts on a strip show as a distraction, Liz sneaks out of the house; Red calls his surveillance guy and informs him that he thinks Liz is hiding something.

Episode 04 “Dr. Linus Creel” s02e04
Tide – Junip
As Red arrives Liz finishes talking with Naomi; Naomi tells Red that she doesn’t know where Jennifer is; Frank & Naomi leave; Liz asks Red about the sniper that took down Creel.
Make My Body – The Chain Gang of 1974
Duncan & Amber text each other, then Duncan starts to assemble a gun.

Episode 03 “Dr. James Covington” s02e03
Forever and a Day – Michael Rheault
Red asks Bernard Babbitt to connect him with Dr. Covington, then then he tells B.B. that the drink he as given has been drugged.
Pilgrim – Fink
Samar offers to buy Liz a drink; Liz apologises to her neighbor for frisking him before; Liz glances at her work board, unknowingly her neighbor sets up a sniper rifle; Red drives to visit with Naomi.

Episode 02 “Monarch Douglas Bank” s02e02
Legal Tender – Handsome Furs
The Monarch’s Warsaw bank is robbed; Red is informed of the robbery.
Long Way Down – Tom Odell
Red gets Naomi back from Berlin; Kaja’s statement is taken by Ressler; Harold is informed the Bureau is being funded by Monarch; Liz apologizes to Ressler then comments on how well he did with Kaja.
Heal – Tom Odell
Red asks Liz about how she knew about Berlin’s money; Red is informed his current plan is working.

Episode 01 “Lord Baltimore” s02e01
La Grange – ZZ Top
As the vehicle driving Red out to meet with the two-bit dictator, Yaabari, the car is fired upon; (continues) Red burns Yaabari’s money.
No Sugar In My Coffee – Caught A Ghost
Liz lies in bed staring at her conspiracy board, then she gets ready and leaves for her meeting with Red.
We Three – The Ink Spots
Marcus uses a song to call up Rowan’s other personality; (repeats) Liz plays the song to bring Nora forth.
Divisonary (Do The Right Thing) – Ages And Ages
Liz receives papers annulling her marriage to Tom; Ressler takes pills; Liz is informs that Cooper is now back as director; Red receives a package from Berlin.

The Blacklist Songs, list by episode



  1. Elizabeth Talbot

    I want the name of the song on the last episode on Thursday 9/29/16 the end song.
    Thank you

  2. iam looking for the artest who did the song in season 3 ep.15 with the words your wearing me down in it.


    • The song is New York, New York–originally done by Frank Sinatra. I love Blacklist too, but NBC is thinking about cancelling it as it’s ratings have dropped since they moved it opposite Scandal. To show how brainy they are, they also cancelled Allegiance and instead kept The Slap which replaced Allegiance on the schedule. In my opinion, the decision makers at NBC need to be terminated.

  4. thanks for making these lists

    • Elizabeth Talbot

      Me and my husband like Blacklist, and we are looking for the name of the song played at the end of the show on Thursday September 29, 2016

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